1. MCCharity

    5 Large Practice Arena Pack v1.0

    This pack of large practice arenas are perfect for your Minecraft server! Works perfect for gamemodes like Practice PvP, duels, and other minigames. 5 Large Practice Arena Pack Cost: 5.50 Non-Exclusive View our full catalog at https://orbitbuilds.com! Notes: Version: 1.8+ Approximate Size...
  2. Aarne

    Selling RocketSpigot & VortexPearls Resources

    Greetings from Vortex Development. We offer you to purchase full access and all rights to RocketSpigot & VortexPearls products. To be honest, this is a very profitable offer, as these resources have great sales potential, because they have a long way to go in the right hands. If you really...
  3. A

    ⭐ *RatioMc* [KitPvP] [Need Admins + Mods] ⭐

    Hey! I'm the owner of RatioMc, a upcoming KitPvP server. You might recognize the name as we used to be HCF. The server is well developed and is coded by me. The goal of the server is to be user friendly, including multiple kits, 13+ Events, settings, and more. About Us: To make us different...
  4. A

    Unique KitPvP Ideas [Kit Ideas, Features, etc]

    Hello! So im currently working on a KitPvP server with the intentions of it being very user friendly. What I mean by that is not being p2w, different methods of healing (Soup or Pots) and it being less competitive and more like a chill pvp server. What im looking for with this post is just...
  5. SobkySK

    Lottery v5.1.0

    Fun server extension, where players bet own in-game money and wait who win whole pot. Multi currency support with ticket price and pot amount conversion. * E.g., Purchasing ticket for $5 is converted into 1 Point. Why us? Satisfaction - Years of work are reflected into high quality product...
  6. Yaboyi828dh

    VonicMC | Seeking Developers

    Hello, I am the Owner of VonicMC! VonicMC is a HCF or PotPvP server currently seeking for affordable Developers! If you would like to be a Developer on VonicMC, feel free to apply :) To apply please join our discord using this link! https://discord.gg/3WQ3Kns Or directly contact me on discord...
  7. BlueOrolose


  8. Shamus

    High Quality | PotSG Map v1

    Main features: Edge of world from centre is 500 blocks Premade roads and centre spawning area Premade builds already scattered across world 4 Different corners each with a unique biome Each corner has a unique structure World was made to be destructible (for example nothing weird hidden...
  9. Croc


    Yeah yeah I know, I have one of the hottest domains in the world rn. I've owned for a few years now, I'm the original owner. Won't let this go for cheap as 3L domains with 2L extensions are extremely hard to find nowadays. Here's the Undeveloped/DAN link if that's your jam! I set the BIN at...
  10. StartGaming

    Practice Spawn

    Hello, I'm currently looking for buy a practice spawn with summer theme , with the sea too the spawn need to be big and adapted for practice server Budjet : 50-100e Contact my with discord

    Practice Spawn [Non-Exlusive] (Island Themed Spawn) v2019-04-24

    Brand New Practice Spawn (Island Themed) [Non-Exclusive] for $2.50 The Practice Spawn is fully and easily customizable to your liking. Has a kit editor in one of the mountains (Shown in Screenshot) with a good view. This build was made by me. PM me if proof is needed. Attached are some...
  12. FaceSlap_

    ⋙ FateSG (KohiSG) - Feasts, Lobby, Statistics, LeaderBoards, Announce. ⋘

    FateSG FateSG plugin is a plugin that is based on a pot pvp. After game gets required amount of players pre-match will begin and player will have some time to look around and find themself best direction to go. Last to live is a winner. Author: FaceSlap_/Activated_ PRICES ◆ Source (With...
  13. Kayro


    I'm editing youtube videos,montages,trailers.You can see some montages and videos : cs go edit - mc pot pvp - WE CAN TALK ABOUT PRICE (5$-10$)
  14. Thex7

    [MiniHCF][Corners][SCR] (1/10)

    Hello, I am selling the source code of my plugin corners, I only sell 10 copies, its price is $ 100, if someone is interested send me PM. I do not know why it does not let me publish links, but if you want to check the authenticity of my code look for srthex7 corners on google and my resource...
  15. DevilEye666

    THFPot v1.7.x 1.8.x

    the effect of the potion will be given straight away! /pot [Stacks the potions] /potion [Stacks the potions]
  16. B

    FastPot (Anti-potlag) [1.7 / 1.8 / 1.9 / 1.10] v2.0

    This plugin fixes splash health potion lag or "potlag." Features: - lightweight - cross-version (1.7 - 1.10) - designed for potion PvP servers (practice and HCF) - no permissions Video:
  17. A

    FANTASTIC POT ! Exclusive & Cheap

    BIN: $10 Skype: thonka.wonka Render by Me Render by RivonS 360 degree render by Me Twitter Chyron PMC Chyron Skype: thonka.wonka http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/fantastic-pot---im-not-a-pot-/
  18. FullTab

    WorldPainter Maps | CHEAP!!!

    Hello MCM! I'm making cheap Worldpainter maps. You can choose how you want the map, and I'll make it for you :) Some examples of my work: https://gyazo.com/9edb4865f2b70b3549508be3ec49c244 https://gyazo.com/f57e8495b43af4346ed5dd18f3a03382 https://gyazo.com/5ce88b0ab368067ec5e9c7629402a10e...
  19. lastreload

    Customized Drug Server with Player Base

    PotCraft (mc.potcraft.net) PotCraft is a partially custom coded and fully configured Drug Server that attracts an older, mature, and heavy donating player base. Our spawn and builds are all completely customized as well as our custom plugin that runs extremely unique elements of our server...
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