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Greetings from Vortex Development.
We offer you to purchase full access and all rights to RocketSpigot & VortexPearls products.

To be honest, this is a very profitable offer, as these resources have great sales potential, because they have a long way to go in the right hands.
If you really interested in buying these resources, create a ticket in our discord server. We will answer all your questions.

RocketSpigot is a ready-to-sell product, has no bugs to fix, a very easy product to market and get a lot of sales.
VortexPearls doesn't have a lot of bugs to fix, but in general it's a stable product that, with proper advertising, can get good sales.

  • What products are for sale?
    1. Rocket Spigot [1.8.9]
    2. Vortex Pearls [1.7-1.19.4]

  • What will be delivered after purchasing?
    1. You will be granted the source code and the full rights of sale and distribution.
    2. You will receive the source code to our custom advanced license system fork.
    with the one of the best anti-crack systems made by us (We never got cracked yet with it).
    3. You will receive the quick guide of obfuscation the resources (Very efficient obfuscation).
    4. You will receive all GFX's & showcase videos of the resources.
    5. You will be granted the Github repositories ownership.

  • Why we have decided to sell them?
    We are no longer interested in maintaining & providing support to these resources and we do not have enough time to develop updates.

  • How much those resources have made in total?
    VortexPearls - $4500+
    RocketSpigot - ~$1700

  • What is the size of client base?
    VortexPearls - 250+ clients
    RocketSpigot - 30+ clients

  • I am a customer, will my license be removed?
    We are not removing any licenses right now, you still have the access to products.
    If you are a RocketSpigot customer, we highly recommend to upgrade to the VortexSpigot, which
    will have and has the support, only for $25 at our discord server.

Thank you very much for your attention.



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