1. UnforgivableSins

    selling this resource for 6$ cashapp selling all the rights that comes with this for 6$ cash app dm me discord: unforgivablesin
  2. SmartName

    Knight Gear v1 | ItemAdder/Oraxen v1.0.0

    YOU ONLY NEED ONE! PLUGIN FREE PREMIUM REQUIRED OPTIONAL LINK ItemsAdder 🚫 ✅ 🚫 ✅ CLICK ME! Oraxen 🚫 ✅ 🚫 ✅ CLICK ME! Vanilla Pack ✅ 🚫 ✅ 🚫 Provided!
  3. Delkov


    Hello everyone, I am selling my two resources that I have on my profile. The resources are amazing and have a lot of potential, but I do not longer have time to take care of them and bump them every day. The money you invest into my resources can easily be earned back in just a few weeks and...
  4. Requlogia

    SKYBLOCK - Unique Server Setup v1.0.2

    Overview: The main version of the server is designed as 1.20.4. You need to use the ViaVersion plugin to be able to enter the server with all versions. In order to view the special items prepared with the resource pack, you need to log in with optifine. The colorings in the setup have been...
  5. Kzics

    MineIdentity v2.3.0

    Join support: VIDEO DEMO FEATURES Create identities Edit Identities Check identities from card number Watch your own card identity Show your card identity Give your card identity You can edit the id card png COMMANDS & PERMISSIONS /identity createcard...
  6. flouzi

    Cosmetics Pack | Itemsadder Oraxen v1.0

    Cosmetics Pack This pack contains 5 hats and 3 bagpacks you can use this pack with Itemsadder & Oraxen & CosmeticsCore This resource includes: 5 hat : Glass hat Hat hat dragon hat Cones hat Frog hat 3 bag pack: penguin Snowman Guitar Preview in Game Requirements Oraxen or...
  7. InfraCharm

    InfraBuddy - Server Hardware Monitor v1.1

    If you have any issues with InfraBuddy, be sure to create a ticket on our Discord and we can resolve it with you! Note: This program will not run without a license key from InfraCharm LLC. You can get a license key from here. 1 License Key is good for 1 System. If you would like to use this...
  8. ToosieDX

    Selling - TOP Resources - $20.000 in sales.

    This is a continuation on the following thread: I am still looking to sell the ownership for these resources due to my inability to continue their maintenance. 1. Toosie's Resources - Quest Config...
  9. tiara studios

    [MADE $3,500+] Prison Setups - Looking for price quotes

    Looking for ownership prices of these resources: MADE IN TOTAL: $3,500+ My discord: I ALREADY HAVE...
  10. Nevox

    ULTIMATE - Resource design Template v1.0

    😎 Buy this design and make your project more beautiful. . 🎨 Customizable colors . 🚀 Easy and quick customization This resource has a file in the ".fig" format that opens in the free Figma application for editing. In it you will be able to edit colors, fonts, texts, dimensions easily and quickly...
  11. Xqedii

    Items Pack | 100+ Store icons v1.0

    ICONS PACK This pack contains 100+ Minecraft items renders. Each render is in high resolution png format WHERE I CAN USE IT? You can use these graphics anywhere on your website if you purchase product. WHAT I CAN'T DO? It is forbidden to sell these graphics! DISCORD Xqedii
  12. Xqedii

    Sword Pack | Free Store icons v1.0

    SWORD PACK This pack contains 6 Minecraft sword renders. Each render is in png format WHERE I CAN USE IT? You can use these graphics anywhere on your website for free. WHAT I CAN'T DO? It is forbidden to sell these graphics! DISCORD Xqedii
  13. YEP

    Resource Page Template - Colour v1 v1.0

    easy editing unlimited color psd file Contents 1-Your Resource.psd 2-Features.psd 3-Features 2.psd 4-Features 3.psd 5-Photo.psd 6-Photo 2.psd 7-Discord.pds Buy Custom Design
  14. bynoment

    Elite Resource Page Template v1 v1.0

    Elite Resource Page Template 🎨 Completely Customisable Editable text 🖌️ Completely Watermark Free - No Obnoxious Watermarks <3 Premium and Quality Theme - A completely premium, deluxe theme that is 100% customizable.
  15. Booklet

    ✦ Superior Configurations ✦ Affordable Premium Configurations 》Affordable Premium Resource Creation

  16. GoogleAmca

    Resource page design pack v2nd Edition

    SUPPORT SERVER INCLUDING: x10 editable and x6 ready designs
  17. Andrej

    🚨 PIXELMINE - Looking for Pixel Artists

    Hello BuiltByBit, PixelMine is a minecraft server asset shop and a growing community that aims to provide minecraft server owners with quality assets and information that they can use to improve the state of their servers. We're looking for experienced and reputable Pixel Artists who are...
  18. ToosieDX

    Appraisal for 5 resources - TOP Resources - Over $17000 in sales.

    Hello, everyone. I have created this post to seek an appraisal for my resources. Over the past week, I have been contemplating the sale of ownership for these resources due to my inability to continue their maintenance. While I do have the time, I have become saturated with the Minecraft scene...
  19. ZeroOne

    Blossom ESC Menu vV1.1

    Terms: Do NOT resell the resource No refunds
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