staff applications

  1. Ollie24022

    MINECRAFT Small starting server - Staff wanted! CURRENTLY 1.20.2

    Hi! The server I am currently developing is in its late stages and will be released ideally within the next few days. However, before release the we require staff members. This is not a paid role, this is a small server, however, dependent on player-base progression this could be a possibility...
  2. Brent Brent

    AstrosMC Staff Application

    AstrosMC Network IP ➝ --------------------------------------------- INFORMATION - We are a premium crossplay Minecraft network dedicated to offering an amazing experience We offer Prison, Skyblock and lifesteal games which we are improving...
  3. slickie

    RiotNW (Minehut Network) | Recruiting Staff + Builders

    Welcome to Riot Network (RiotNW on Minehut)! What is Riot Network? Riot, is currently a singular-based server known as Generators within the Minehut community. We want to make the Minehut community a special place by not only making the server fun and creative, but to also show that no matter...
  4. Yazability

    [FULL] The Lost Miners [1.18.2] - New Community Based Techy SMP | Recruiting Volunteer Management & Moderation Staff

  5. S

    Looking for Staff ASAP | Players Daily | Established Server Since 2020 |

    Hello everyone! My name is ShadyPotatoes and I am the owner of Blue Moon Network. We are looking for some dedicated, friendly, and hardworking people to join our staff team today! We are an active and established server that gets players daily. Who are we? We are a java minecraft server that...
  6. MercyPvP Network

    MercyPvP | Looking for Staff Members

    Introduction Hello MC-Market community. We would like to introduce ourselves to the Minecraft community by coming to the number one place that a majority of well experienced individuals from this fantastic community. We are a upcoming Minecraft java based network within the game versions of...
  7. ItzMehMaikel

    ⭐️ MysticNetwork ⭐️ Recruiting staff members! Helper > Admin ⭐️

    Hey everyone! So im starting a Prison server and i really need staff for the server. I also need more players in the dc server so if people got suggestions for that lmk.. But im looking for staff (Helpers, Mods & admin). Currently those possitions arent payed but staff will get 1x Monthly...
  8. Milez

    Looking for Staff | FarsidePvP

    Hey there! My name is Milez, and I am currently Manager at FarsidePvP. Our server hosts 1.8.9 Factions, and soon to be Skyblock and Prisons. We are currently looking for qualified staff members for our team ranging in ranks from Helper to Admin. If you are interested, DM me on Discord with a...
  9. Xiri

    ⭐SpyroMC | Recruiting Staff⭐

    Click here to check out our features! Discord
  10. Sadtiny

    QuickiedMC (hiring staff)

    QuickiedMC ——— QuickiedMC is a HCF server and it’s release date is on July 1st. ——— We are looking for staff members that are experienced, apply on our discord! ——— IP: ——— Discord: ——— Apply here:
  11. Blackstone

    full time owner for server - I will fund server/website

    Hello guys :) I currently own two servers (one's being used) I have a 6.5Gb server that is just waiting for a dedicated owner to join and start progress on the server. I am looking to host a skyblock or factions server. As the server owner, you will have control over where the server goes...
  12. A

    ~GrantusMC~ ~Hiring most staff roles~

    Hello, guys! I am Cold, Helper of an upcoming network server soon to release the first gamemode which will be survival. Today I am here exactly to ensure that our server has enough staff, looking for nearly all staff positions. Those positions are NOT paid for the moment as we are looking for...
  13. Sam Reider_

    If you're looking for a experienced staff member, click here! :)

    Hello, MC-Market! I would love to present myself, I am Sam. I'm a 13-year-old student, I'm from Canada, I've visited many places in the past, including; Germany, Russia and the United States! I'm currently writing this thread on the MC-Market forums so I can get in contact with server owners...
  14. Maserson

    VersaPvP - Staff Recruitment

    Introduction: Hey, my name is Maserson, one of the owner(s) of VersaPvP. We are an up and coming HCF/Practice network. We are attempting to become the #1 go-to network with respectful and helpful staff. We are based in/on the PotPvP era, needing staff that are familiar with this era. We are...
  15. Kudos Network

    Kudos Network | Oceania PvP Network | Staff Applications OPEN

    Kudos Network are looking for potential applicants for network staff positions. We are a Minecraft Oceania PvP Network set for release in December. We will offer Ultrahardcore and Practice PotPvP to 1.7 and 1.8 clients. If you are interested in any of the positions below, follow the respective...
  16. Lil Baby

    VailMC ➜ Looking for Staff + Youtubers (Paid)

    Hello everyone, my name is Jonah and today I will be looking for a dedicated staff team for our new factions network soon to release called VailMC. We are looking for a wide range from Helpers, Moderators, Admins, and Paid developers (We have some crazy idea's in mind). Before I say anything...
  17. Sadtiny


  18. Sadtiny

    HCLead | Big Media, Staff, and Players

    HCLead Network 【1.7-1.8】 HCLead is an upcoming HCF (Hard Core Factions) server. We need many more players, and this is where you take part! By helping and inviting many more players, you will be able to earn yourself the highest rank of our server, Lead. Features Our network has many...
  19. Sadtiny

    HCLead - Need OWNERS and STAFF

    Presenting You HCLead Network 【1.7-1.8】 HCLead is an upcoming HCF (Hard Core Factions) server. We need many more players, and this is where you take part! By helping and inviting many more players, you will be able to earn yourself the highest rank of our server, Lead. Features Our network...
  20. U

    NEW Network Staff Manager / Need Staff

    Hi, I'm Josh. I own a new network I recently started, and am looking for some extra help. This is simply a free way to start your managing career in-game, and on Discord. Please don't go trashing this thread by the looks. Server Type: It's a network. We will have multiple game modes, but we are...
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