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  1. xdisplayy

    Searching staff members and YouTubers

    Welcome to Zenith. We're a fairly new and upcoming practice server which is now awaiting a release of the third season. We're planning to expand our network with a fair amount of our custom gamemodes, nostalgic kohi-like events and a bunch of famous YouTubers promoting the server. We've been...
  2. John52902

    MeteoriteMC | Looking For Builders | Acceptance Rate: HIGH | Apply Now

    MeteoriteMC ---------------------------------- Looking For Builders The server is in need to have a spawn and it needs to be done as professionally and quickly as possible. You can tell the people you know of whose good at building to apply as well. If you think you can build at MeteoriteMC...
  3. Mccaulay

    Looking For Staff

    Hello, I'm looking for some staff members for my server. Looking for Admins, Moderators and Support Staff. These positions will not be paid until the server starts earning money. The release for the server is before the end of July. If you are applying for a position state which one, past...
  4. D


    Hello guys i'm the current staff manager of ChivalryMC and i'm looking to recruit some new staff members for my staff team that are experienced with in game commands and have a calm head when dealing with players of all kinds this is a factions and prison server and we are making minigames and...
  5. ItsTheDuuuude

    FluxRaids We Want You!!

    Introduction First and foremost... I owe you a small introduction. My name's Michael (or ItsTheDuuuude), and I'm the Owner and CEO for FluxRaids. I'm mainly a behind-the-scenes type of guy, however don't be surprised if you see me scouting around the forums here and there. You might know me...
  6. OnlineStranger


    Hello, MC-Market I am one of the owners of NykoPvP, At the moment we are an HCF only server but in the future, we are going to add UHC, Kitmap, and Practice, And we are soft releasing on February 4th, And we would like to invite you to join our SOTW, Map Details; Protection 1, Sharpness 1 5Man...
  7. samyratchet

    MC-4Creation: Recruiting Support Staff

    Hello everyone, First of all merry christmas and happy new year Well i have a network named 4Creation but the problem is that we need a "active staffteam". Thats why im searching on this way for recruiting support members for our staffteam. Need some information about our network ? You will...
  8. OfficePvP

    Co Owner

    Hello im looking for a co owner for my server u dont need much and should at most need to spend 40 bucks on it and other then that we will split profits from the server i will pay for the host and also must be funny not to serious but not to funny must get work done be decently active and enjoy...
  9. G

    Players And Staff | Minecraft Server | BreadGamesMC

    We have a few ranks open and you could fill that space. So my and my other staff are recruiting players and hoping that they will join and bring more with them. To know when the server is online join this discord : Hope To See You There
  10. A

    HyperGaming // need staff

    Hey all! we got a creative server up currently we need some help with it, pop on and we can direct you futher :) IP:
  11. U3F

    Looking For Staff Positions / Partners

    Hello! I am opening up an HCF server in the near future, I am looking for people that would be interested in helping me get it prepared and start the business itself. I have experience before and have owned 5 different servers before this one. I owned servers and made over 10k+ throughout my...
  12. Valentino

    150+ Playerbase - ArcherNetwork | Recruiting Staff

    Introduction ArcherNetwork is cracked network based around providing the ultimate experience for the players. Server has playerbase of 150+ players and 5 subservers. We have game modes such as Factions, SkyBlock, SkyPvP, ArenaPVP and UHC. We're looking to hire staff members as we unfortunately...
  13. nobigdylll


    Hello, my name is Christian(nobigdylll) and I am currently in the process of making a new server called TOXiC Cloud. As the name already states, this will be a cloud based server, so I am looking for serious staff members, such as Admins, Moderators, Builders, and Developers. Now you may be...
  14. HyperFlames


    Hello! I'm Hyper, the Head Administrator on an up & coming Minecraft SkyBlock Server called "SkyGrind"! We are in need of many staff members that are willing to come onto the team at the Helper position. Requirements: - At least 14 years of age - Have a Smart Phone - Have the Discord...
  15. birddog


    Experienced Minecraft Player for Server Staff I'm Aaron, and I'm looking for a role as staff member on a Minecraft server. Here are some facts about me: •I am 16 years old. •I've play Minecraft since 2014. •I've owned a server before called Cow craft. •I live in the USA. •My MC username is...
  16. Brandawg

    EclipsePvP - RPG/Prison Server [Active Staff Only]

    Recruitment Post ______________________________________________________________________ EclipsePvP is a Custom RPG and Prison server that takes place on a 3k x 3k island. There is three kingdoms Fire, Ice and Earth who battle to protect their holy land. There is also three classes Human, Dwarf...
  17. energyy_

    CyberFactions - Builders highly needed & staff!

    Hi there! I am the owner of the upcoming CyberFactions. This will be a faction server. The server isn't open yet and you will need to apply for staff / builder to be available to join. The ranks we are in need of: Administrator, Moderator, Helper & Builders + head-builder & Developer. And it...
  18. M

    MysticWorld Developers and builders

    Hello we are MysticWorld and we are looking for some Developers and Builder if you are interested please contact us via one of these ways email: [email protected] Skype: Marcus Knaggs Discored: jjj700#1143 to apply you will have to fill out a form and you must have skype or discored
  19. Dark

    Dark's Management Services!

    I will work for free, unless you would Like to pay me. Name: Nolan In-Game Name: DarkNova101 Skype: Only given if needed Discord: Yes, Dark#9402 - I also do free discord setups! - Join my discord server @ to talk to me! TeamSpeak: Yes Twitter: @DarkNova666 Age: 16...
  20. CDFLPrison

    Builders Need/staff needed

    Today,I have started to work on my own Factions server. Me and my friend are doing everything for the plugins,but neither of us are good at building,so I need a few builders to possible make us a spawn for a faction server. I know this doesnt look fancy :) its just a simple request for someone...
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