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  1. makkmarci13

    Pterodactyl [v1.x] Addon - Ticket System 1.2

    This is an addon for Pterodactyl Panel [v1.x] Description: Users can easily make support tickets and contact with administrators. Installation: 1. Follow the instructions in: PanelEdit.txt
  2. Thwopsie

    In need of Multi-functional, all-purpose Discord bot

    Hi there, I am in need of a multi-functional, all purpose bot that can do the following: Link to Player's Minecraft account as well as NameMC account Ticket support system Link to a website - not immediately required Statistics Tracking linked to server Roles and User Verification Create...
  3. Kann

    Ticket bot | PayPal invoices | v7

    I present you with the most advanced bot to manage your server. The bot was built using the latest discord.js version and supports slash commands (interactions, dropdown menus, etc). It includes features such as PayPal invoices, wallet balance, complete system (similar to Fiverr one), fee...
  4. 1tzEmerald 7


    10% OFF Pre-Installed SupportBot Hosting Use Code: SUPPORTBOT START YOUR ORDER TODAY
  5. Swqpping

    Plex Tickets | Discord Ticket Bot 1.5.0

    ⚠️ If you want to pay with Card or Crypto: Join our discord server to pay with Crypto (BTC, LTC, ETH) To pay with Card, you can purchase it here Support Server: Click here! If you have any problems with the bot, please contact me before leaving a review!
  6. nidzoo


    FEATURES • Ticketing (Categories, Subcategories) • Service Team Features (Reviews, Profiles, Balance) • Dashboard (Ticketing, Invoicing, Basic Config Editing, Command toggler, Logs..) • Commissions • PayPal Invoices • Crypto Payment QR Code Generator • Freelancer Profiles • Transcripts...
  7. nidzoo

    Champion Tickets Bot 1.6.9

    FEATURES • Ticketing (Categories, Subcategories) • Service Team Features (Reviews, Profiles, Balance) • Dashboard (Ticketing, Invoicing, Basic Config Editing, Command toggler, Logs..) • Commissions • PayPal Invoices • Crypto Payment QR Code Generator • Freelancer Profiles • Transcripts...
  8. Wolfnight29

    WOLBOT | Your Private DISCORD BOT | Buttons | Multiple Tickets | Transcripts | Captcha | 2.3.1

  9. Zorino

    EvoBot - NO LONGER SUPPORTED 3.2.1

    Discord Server / Support Server • Configuration Guide • How to Install The bot Showcase Sponsored Hosting Terms & Condition 1. You are aware that there is a strict no refund policy. 2. You are aware that issuing a charge back/dispute will get you suspended from all our products and...
  10. JavaHampus


  11. S

    Tickets Module for NamelessMC v2 1.1.11

    What is it ? Tickets are private to each users except if you have the right to see them. Each action requires a permission that are accessed in the StaffCP in the permissions editor of each groups. For your users: Tickets module permit your users to create tickets to report an issue and...
  12. extremall


    TicketSupport is a Minecraft Bukkit/BungeeCord plugin. This plugin does not collect any information from your server and is not using the primary thread. The Bukkit/BungeeCord server is required to self-host this bot without you having to spend extra money for a Discord bot hosting. The bot will...
  13. Sagishii


  14. RafaelB

    Vysu | Discord Bot | Moderation, Fun, Tickets, Utility 1.0

    LINKS: Discord: Documentation:
  15. Rubjah


    I'am Ruben, one of the best Discord.JS Developer of The Netherlands. My bot have many features that are very unique! I hope you like ModBot! This bot has 25+ Features it has things like: * VERY COOL Ticket system with claim command! MODERATION Ban and kick (Does'nt need a picture xD) VERY...
  16. FiftyWalrus

    PixelMine | Ticket Icons 1.1

    High quality ticket icons for any Minecraft server shop, use them all or just a selection. Contact me for quick and easy designs or variations: Kalvin#7515
  17. alhassanv

    XenTicket | Multiple Guild Support | Clean Code | Affordable 3.0.0

    Xenfire – Ticket is a highly customizable discord bot designed for small to big hosting companies, game communities, and much more! Features: • Easy setup • Open tickets on reaction • HTML Transcripts • Whitelist & Blacklist roles • API endpoint to check bot version Commands: Creating...
  18. ghooslyDev


    Hello MCMarket! I'm Furkan. I can code your Discord BOT (JDA and JavaScript). It is very cheap! I will explain to you what the JDA means. JDA stands for Java Discord API. It is a link between Java and Discord. With JDA, you can verify your account from your server. With JavaScript, you can only...
  19. Incrility

    ⭐️ Incrility's Bot Services ⭐️ | Custom Discord Bots | Amazing Quality | Affordable Prices |

    If you have any questions feel free to contact me via Discord. Click on Thread Design for a link to my website. I try to offer the best quality bots for the cheapest prices. Tell me your bot details, ask me for a quote, and if anyone gives you a better offer come back and I'll beat their offer...
  20. Ty

    Advanced Ticket Bot | Tickets, Moderation, Suggestions [DISCONTINUED] discontinued

    * The thread design was put together in 10 mins, I'll be purchasing one soon! * For a cheap price, you will get an amazing ticket system with some extra moderation commands included! In the future, we plan to make this a feature-rich discord bot! I've made it very highly configurable, you can...
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