1. Broken_HMS

    Guasave, Mexico v1.0

    amazing mexico. has us embassy, gear, cars, fields, mansions, main city and a whole lot more
  2. Broken_HMS

    US Tiger Stripes v1.0

    Templates for Tiger Stripes tiger stripe camouflage is that it was universally appreciated by those who were “in-country” during the Vietnam War. “Not only Special Forces type units wore them, infantry, Air Force para-rescue & Air Police, Marines, Riverine – anyone who had access to them...
  3. Broken_HMS

    Compound Pack 1 v1.0

    Quality First 2 set up Compounds and over 10 Buildings PBR textures Custom Textures
  4. Broken_HMS

    MILSIM Building Kit v1.0

    Easy to use Building Kit PBR textures for 4 insane buildings PBR building Kit for Walls & Blocks Insides that are easy to edit
  5. Broken_HMS

    Third Person Gun System v1.0

    THIRD PERSON ADVANCE COMBAT SYSTEM (ACS) Siamese Engine is being brought to you by the same company that houses warfighter gun engine. Again and again Broken Studios launches innovation and groundbreaking changes into the Advance Combat Realm. Easy to convert guns to the system allowing...
  6. Broken_HMS

    Middle Eastern City Building Kit v1.0

    An amazing Middle Eastern City. Comes with a range of items to help you set up an amazing Iraq or Afghan city. This can allow you to add in-depth city combat to your Milsims. From the Close Combat Back Alleyways all the way up to the building to building combat. This City has everything needed...
  7. Broken_HMS

    Middle Eastern Local Police Station v1.0

    This local Police Station can be used for a wide amount of factions or just as a OPFOR strong hold. This can add a new amount of detail to your checkpoints or outskirts of cities.
  8. Broken_HMS

    USAF Security Forces Pack v1.0

    Normal Vest with attachments Vest Ballcap Patrol Cap Security Forces Beret This custom gear can be used for any U.S. Air Force group. Credit to dusek. not scripted
  9. Broken_HMS

    Marine Guideon v1.0

    USMC Guideon Includes: • High Quality Guideon Staff and Flag • Three Different Variants • Present Arms • Order Arms • Quick-time These custom model guideons can be used for any U.S. Navy or Marine Corps unit. Credit to dusek. NON-SCRIPTED PRODUCT
  10. Broken_HMS

    M81 Cold Weather Jacket v1.0

    Includes: • M81 Cold Weather Jacket This custom modeled jacket can be used for any U.S. Military group staged in the late 90s, early 2000s. SCRIPTED PRODUCT
  11. Broken_HMS

    Middle Eastern FOB v1.0

    A Realistic Middle Eastern FOB Comes with Medical Bay - For Medical RP can add extra indepth detail to your RP Firing Range - For training inside of the FOB and refreshing your skill Helicopter Pads Main Gate & Security Towers around the base For any questions open a ticket
  12. Broken_HMS

    Outskirts of Zinder, Niger v1.0

    13k x 13k sized map Rare Modded R6 ACS Grenades and Bomb system Range of towns and gear Range of guns and rpgs custom humvees for UN & Blufor vehicles and armored terrorist trucks great opfor gear & blufor gear custom pbr hand made terrain Zinder, formerly also spelled Sinder, is the third...
  13. Broken_HMS

    US Army Badges v1.0

    Combat Action Badge Air Assualt Badge Combat Infantry Badge Master Parachutist Badge Miltiary Free Fall Parachutist Badge
  14. Broken_HMS

    Ukraine, Kursk v1.0

    10kx10k map size Comes with Optimisation Custom lighting for realism Custom PBR textures Two Towns and one major town Trench system that allows you to hide (or for a drone to drop a bomb on you) woodlands to hide in with fields for a mixture of tank to tank with infantry huge map with a...
  15. Broken_HMS

    United States Army Pinks and Greens v1.0

    United States Army Dress Uniforms PRODUCT DETAILS Dress Uniforms, all ranks from Private to General.
  16. Broken_HMS

    US DCUs v1.0

    US DCUs Templates
  17. Broken_HMS

    Woodland MCCU Short + long v1.0

    Woodland MCCU Short + long
  18. Broken_HMS

    Cape Verde, Ilheu Grande v1.0

    This amazing map can be used for all types of MILSIMs to RNLG groups even not based in Western Africa. The diversity of assets mixed with the in-depth lighting allows top of the line Playability Comes with the following,
  19. Broken_HMS

    Mortar System v1.0

    custom sfx and sounds one of the best mortor system on the market. easy to set up and easy to use recommended for any game type from realistic milsims to your more casual games
  20. Broken_HMS

    Fort Radcliff v1.0

    Vietnam War FOB Generic Fort that can add a flair to your Vietnam War MILSIM but can also be used as a deployment map with its small offspring of villages. It comes with ACS installed. Comes with, ACS, UNIFORMS, CUSTOM PBR TEXTURES, SOUNDS, TRAINING SITE, HELICOPTERS & MORE
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