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  1. Broken_HMS

    US Army Badges v1.0

    Combat Action Badge Air Assualt Badge Combat Infantry Badge Master Parachutist Badge Miltiary Free Fall Parachutist Badge
  2. Broken_HMS

    Ukraine, Kursk v1.0

    10kx10k map size Comes with Optimisation Custom lighting for realism Custom PBR textures Two Towns and one major town Trench system that allows you to hide (or for a drone to drop a bomb on you) woodlands to hide in with fields for a mixture of tank to tank with infantry huge map with a...
  3. Broken_HMS

    United States Army Pinks and Greens v1.0

    United States Army Dress Uniforms PRODUCT DETAILS Dress Uniforms, all ranks from Private to General.
  4. Broken_HMS

    US DCUs v1.0

    US DCUs Templates
  5. Broken_HMS

    Woodland MCCU Short + long v1.0

    Woodland MCCU Short + long
  6. Broken_HMS

    Cape Verde, Ilheu Grande v1.0

    This amazing map can be used for all types of MILSIMs to RNLG groups even not based in Western Africa. The diversity of assets mixed with the in-depth lighting allows top of the line Playability Comes with the following,
  7. Broken_HMS

    Mortar System v1.0

    custom sfx and sounds one of the best mortor system on the market. easy to set up and easy to use recommended for any game type from realistic milsims to your more casual games
  8. Broken_HMS

    Fort Radcliff v1.0

    Vietnam War FOB Generic Fort that can add a flair to your Vietnam War MILSIM but can also be used as a deployment map with its small offspring of villages. It comes with ACS installed. Comes with, ACS, UNIFORMS, CUSTOM PBR TEXTURES, SOUNDS, TRAINING SITE, HELICOPTERS & MORE
  9. Fjnxcl

    United States Army Map V3 v1.0

    INFORMATION United States Army Academy V3 is the top of the line US Army base, featuring all features such as a gun engine and overhead ranks this amazing map has detail to everything. With furnished buildings and has everything you need to Kick Start your US Army. FEATURES Fully Scripted...
  10. TechX

    Fort Jackson v1.0

    Test Game: https://www.roblox.com/games/16557628353/Fort-Jackson-Test-Game Fort Jackson is a United States Army installation, which TRADOC operates on for Basic Combat Training (BCT), and is located within the city of Columbia, South Carolina. This installation is named for Andrew Jackson, a...
  11. AlexP21

    US Army Kit & Gear Pack v1.0

    epic kit
  12. AlexP21

    NC 28542 Camp Lejeune US Marine Base v1.0

    A realistic, 1:1 scale map of the Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base Features: Shooting range Base Entrance Parade Grounds Intricate detail More photos - Google Drive
  13. ShadowCorp

    United States Naval Academy v1.0

    This is an incredible, high quality Naval Academy Base map. From everything from a realistic and custom gun system to custom scripted uniforms picker. The buildings on the map are all made using Blender. Features: - Fully Scripted - Overhead GUI - Gun System - Many UIS - Regimental...
  14. Omega Manufactory

    United States Space Force Base v1.0

    A high-quality USSF base with waypoint mark UIs.
  15. Fjnxcl

    US Parade Grounds v1.0

    US Parade Grounds is our newest addition to our military maps, this Parade deck map is made for US army but is customizable to fit any army, featuring a few of asahi's scripts this amazing map comes at a cheap price. Scripted High Quality Detailed Customizable Large map
  16. Fjnxcl

    Fort Carson US Army Base v1.0

    A very high quality and medium-sized military map that is perfect for any military or role-play based games. Has everything you need for an army, including hats and uniforms, Etc. Parade square Headquarters Some uniforms and hats Scripted ACS guns High quality Huge Map Multiple Buildings
  17. Bismarck

    US Armed Forces OCP v1.0

    Details Operational Camouflage Pattern, also known as OCP is a camouflage pattern adopted by the US Armed Forces since 2015. OCP allowed for greater camouflage for the US soldiers in Afghanistan and made further advances on UCP. The asset comes with the following: – Contains US Armed Forces OCP...
  18. Mrgibler

    Early 2000's US Marine Corps Gear Pack v1.0

    SFZ4 Has been offering high quality products for competitively lower pricing. Interested in great quality Milsim products like; maps, tanks, fixed wing aircraft, and more! Want your game to look and feel high quality for affordable pricing? Well then you've found exactly that. Join a welcoming...
  19. raiyan9

    Marine Corps Recruit Depot - San Diego v2

    Overview Immerse yourself in the intricate details of the United States Marine Corps V2, a top-tier and medium-sized military map. Ideal for military enthusiasts or those seeking the perfect environment for their role-play games. Features • High-Quality Builds: Precision designed structures...
  20. raiyan9

    West Point Military Academy v1.0

    West Point Military Academy West Point Military Academy is a meticulous replica of the renowned United States Army academy. Crafted with intricate detail, this map serves as the perfect foundation for your military-themed game on Roblox. Features: Immersive Detailing: Every nook and cranny is...