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Storyfire Oasis - Minecraft Socialverse project

Hello all, The Storyfire Oasis team is currently hiring talented Minecraft Pixel Artists to join the game development team.
Please see below for required and preferred talents. Should you feel you can offer a service not listed, please contact us, we are more than happy to chat to anyone who's interested.

Project Outline
The Storyfire Oasis is an up and coming Minecraft Socialverse project based around a large city.
We will have many custom buildings and features, including;
  • Completely custom (including some original) minigames​
  • A completely player-ran economy​
  • A completely custom and never-seen-before city for everyone to explore​
  • A large network of servers, sharded together to allow for a huge amount of players online at any one time.​

Storyfire expects up to 10,000 players on day one of launch, possibly many more.
Achieved through partnering with various creators over 10+ million in size.


Storyfire is looking for talented creators with the following (required) skills:​
  • Have a portfolio​
  • Previous experience making Pixel Art​
  • Experience with 16x16 textures, GUI creation and/or NPC Icons for dialogue​
  • Ability to match the Minecraft Vanilla look and feel​
  • Ability to dedicate a reasonable amount of time to the project weekly​
  • Ability to attend bi-weekly meetings over Discord Call (Microphone use not required)​
  • Ability to sign a non-disclosure agreement​

If you have any of the bonus skills below, these are also preferred:​
  • Working microphone, and ability to speak in the aforementioned team meetings​
  • Experience with animating textures​
  • Experience with 3D Modelling using the Blockbench Modelling software​

Storyfire believes in ensuring every creator is fairly compensated for their work.

All creators will receive a personally created compensation plan, including fair wages for the work completed.
Creators will have a choice between being paid up-front or taking a percentage of revenue offered within the project to make money every day they are a team member.

You also will receive;​
  • Credit in all press releasees including work they have created​
  • A custom rank in-game and role in the discord, allowing for players to discover you​
  • Receive staff-only perks - such as a unique cosmetic to you, and you can choose up to 5 people to give said cosmetic to.​
  • Receive custom in-game perks, normally locked to ranked players - such as discounted travel passes, extra quest slots, etc.​

Are you interested in working on the project?

Please reach out to the team;
E-Mail: [email protected]
Discord: @js.jack

We can't wait to hear from you!​
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