1. mmuziek

    MCG Mine-Net v0.5.2

    Welcome to Mine-net Beta! A new service offering PWA enabled free website builder/hosting that links ingame with your server easy and fast! (plugin works on 1.16 and up)
  2. 30nn

    Looking for sales/partners to help me sell a company (you keep 10% of profits)

    Currently trying to sell rights to a desktop app and am looking for people to help me out. EDIT: SOLD if you have ideas on how to sell it or know people, I’ll let you keep 10% of whatever sale you setup. Price must be $10k+ (you will keep $1k+) eon#6562
  3. flamelier

    ⭐️[FOR HIRE]⭐️iOS & Android Video Games⚡Premade & Custom⚡

    I've offered game development on here a few times in the past and here we are back again. Looking to make a few projects to expand my portfolio. I can also export for desktop as well. If you want a custom video game for yourself or to sell or to host on a site or whatever you want send me a PM...
  4. Quadrant Domain

    I'm looking for serious inquiries only. These domains' values are obvious, but I don't intend to let go cheaply. I turned down offers before, as I had plans for myself. XYZ is the fast-growing trend in Blockchain and the most popular domain extension for Crypto...
  5. carl29 MineCraft Server, Application hosting, Virtual Machine [RDP] Starts at $2.99

    EliteVPS Virtual Machines. Industry Leading Single Core CPU Performance, ready within 5 minutes. Choose the plan that you need, ranging from 1 core to 16 cores with enterprise grade hardware. Click here to See all Plans Support: [email protected] or online chat or telegram @dunlop
  6. NotReallyJoe.

    Mobile (iOS and Android) App Developer (Paid Position)

    Hey there! My name is Joe and I'm here on behalf of LegacyAIO and we are currently hiring an individual or team to design a mobile app for both iOS and Android for us to use with our platform. This prospect will involve designing and publishing this app for our service and also providing...
  7. qEclipse

    Twitch and OBS Development

    [No longer looking for project]
  8. D

    Potential Discord Replacement

    You know that discord might be selling themselves to Microsoft for 10 Billion dollars, so here's the alternative in case something bad happens. Main perks that I've seen: - Probably won't ban accounts for no reason - Custom profile urls - since it's new lots aren't taken, also no discims. -...
  9. Frogloo


  10. geoglobemc

    |ⒼⓔⓞⒼⓛⓞⓑⓔⓂⒸ| ! | 1.16

    Hello everyone! Me and my fellow staff-team are developing a towny server that is played on a map of Earth! The map of Earth is quite accurate in terms of biomes, ore generation by location, and a 1000 meter per block ratio! The owners of the server decided to create their own Minecraft server...
  11. Bilal Jaber

    Want to start Business (Help) *GAMBLING?*

    So I have a 1000 USD budget to start a company. I've done 3 Minecraft servers in the past 1 of the 3 Minecraft servers I've done did 'Ok' and it wasn't going the way I want it. It was barely making profit from it also. I just don't think mc servers are for me. I just don't want to do...
  12. Medi

    Windows Music Player App [Beta]

    Looking for some feedback from people. Working on a music application that reads a selected directory to play music from. Made with electron.- Add me on Discord if you are interested: Medi#0570
  13. Fweak

    A free Discord Selfbot

    Hello. I'm currently in the works of making a discord selfbot. This bot will be like no other selfbot because it's a community bot. I plan on giving it out completely free to anyone who asks and leaving it all open sourced. The only issues current are that I have no idea on what it should have...
  14. Tremaine

    Looking for someone to make a client

    Im looking for someone that could make a custom client for Minecraft bedrock it would basically provide my community resource packs of custom things they could use in my server from custom corsors to particles etc
  15. C

    looking to get staff application made for me

    if you are interested message me on discord: 4etiri#3976 7$ USD
  16. Reheight

    Experienced Developer (Website, Java, Frontend, Backend, UI, Apps, Web Apps)

    Hey, I am a experienced developer, and I am offering various services! I am not great at Graphic Design so I hadn't made any images to sell services but I can offer my services to those who are still interested! My services are moderately cheap, at least as cheap as I can offer. I am only...
  17. alexbgames

    Android App Development | $50 Flat fee| 1 Year Support and Updates | The sky's the limit

    Hello! I am the lead developer of Pocket Chunk Hosting. I am offering the development of one android app at the flat rate of $50 USD. I can add any features you would like your app to have. Build time will depend on complexity. If the app is super basic then the price will be lower. I have...
  18. 1Tip

    OGPvP Network Looking for Staff! | Developers! | Come join the discord and apply! |

    About OGPvP Network A brand new network that will be featuring a variety of fun kit PVP modes, survival, and upcoming modes! Regular Staff Requirements 1. You must be 15, or older. 2. You need to have a working microphone, and speak English (fluently other lang. are allowed!) 3. No...
  19. Paul Brox

    TitansCraft is looking for staff!

    Hello everyone! The TitansCraft server is looking for mature, active and professional staff members, specifically Trainees! A little bit about the server first. TitansCraft is a Minecraft server with many gamemodes, including Factions, SkyBlock, Survival, and more! It is a very large server...
  20. tylerisjewish

    App Developer

    Hello, my name is Tyler and I am a CEO of many companies and work for several too, I am looking for an app developer that can re-skin a couple of unity apps that are pre-made. I have deep pockets, and can work with prices. Please PM me.
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