1. tylerisjewish

    App Developer

    Hello, my name is Tyler and I am a CEO of many companies and work for several too, I am looking for an app developer that can re-skin a couple of unity apps that are pre-made. I have deep pockets, and can work with prices. Please PM me.
  2. Medi

    Discord Embed Studio | 5/5 Vouch Copies

    Hello, I've recently have come close to finishing up an app I've been working on. It simply allows for the creation / full customization of Discord embed messages in which can sent to a channel specified within the application... It is still in pre-release stages and Im currently looking to give...
  3. Medi

    Discord Desktop Application [IDEAS]

    Alright team... I'm currently back in the works of working on desktop applications... My first one being semi-successful (BTC+). I have decided to go ahead and code something in which will most likely be used by everyone in this community.... A desktop application that integrates with discord...
  4. Medi

    BTC+ v1.0.2.0

    Currently only supports Windows.
  5. JacobZ

    Non-mc related. PDF editor, presets/lists to chosen alterations

    So currently I was only able to find one program that Sort of, kind of did what I am looking for. Adobe DC PDF reader or whatever it was, which is piled on with additional features I do not need nor want, It was terribly slow, contained bloat ware, and requested that I either pay $25/m or $15/m...
  6. Joshua C

    ⚡️ Joshua Cote | Full Stack Web Developer & Designer | Themes | Blockchain | & MORE ⚡️ [NEW WEBSITE]

  7. ayyitsmiranda

    Looking for Game Developers - Small Startup

    Salutations, I am looking for game developers for my upcoming game. This game will heavily rely on Google Trends and other trend platforms. We are looking for an individual developer that can Develop the game in Java Working on the game on JavaFX Also regarding JavaFX, please read up on...
  8. D


    Hello! I am the CEO of this Software company in which we are trying to code an app for Chromebook. We also need a developer who can create AI to take the place of a support member / company representative either on discord or website. If you are interested & have a ton of experience with...
  9. RonaldoG214

    Jairo Development-Services-Not Open Only Recruiting-Not A Server-

    Greetings, I am Ronaldo Founder/Owner Of Jairo Development About Us Here at Jairo Development we help develop new servers. We are about helping the Minecraft community by creating websites, builds, plugins, and logos/banners for new servers. We also want to make sure servers can trust us and...
  10. RonaldoG214

    Jairo Development-Recruiting-Paid-Not Open

    Greetings, I am RonaldoG214, Founder/Owner of Jairo Development. Note: We are brand new, therefore we will not be completely open, we are only recruiting staff/developing members. Once we get everything set up we will open and be ready to accept any request. We are recruiting -We are looking...
  11. Konrad

    StudentHub - Connect with your classmates

    StudentHub is an application made for students from students. StudentHub makes it easy for students (in a classroom) to work together and help each other. The application saves everything in the cloud so that the data can be accessed anywhere at any time. Link (Google Playstore)...
  12. Xi Jinping

    Kevplays Mc Networks Hiring Staffs (Dedicated Server)

    NOW FOR THE APPLICATION PROCESS Hey! Welcome to KP Networks! We are here because we need staffs; Mod, JrMod, SrMod, and Admin. We have KitPvp, Prison, Lobby, Factions, Op Factions and Skyrealms-Factions. We are Premium/Crack Server. I am the 2nd Owner and System Manager of Kevplays Network. We...
  13. Robodog_X920

    <Recruiting> Conflict Server Network!(Fixed post)

    CONFLICT NETWORK RECRUITMENT NEED STAFF AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Conflict Network, a growing server network is looking for staff who can fulfill the duties of staff. If you are interested in applying please contact us at the following message on this page. If you think you are good enough...