Experienced Developer (Website, Java, Frontend, Backend, UI, Apps, Web Apps)

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Hey, I am a experienced developer, and I am offering various services!

I am not great at Graphic Design so I hadn't made any images to sell services but I can offer my services to those who are still interested!

My services are moderately cheap, at least as cheap as I can offer. I am only doing this due to the fact that this is the first service I've offered.

  • Website/Backend Development (PHP/ASP/JSP/WebDNA)
  • Minecraft Plugins (Java)
  • Discord Bots (Java, Swift, JavaScript, C#, Python)
  • iOS App (Swift, Objective-C)
I do not provide Android Apps, due the the fact that I have not invested too much time into creating any Android Apps, but I can verify my work for iOS!

  • References:
    • Github (A lot of the high-end work is private)
    • iOS App (I have to update it but I can't until after the 27th)
    • Discord Bot (View my WIP bot!)
    • Website Backend (My iOS app runs off of GET and POST requests for retrieving Data!)
I know my post isn't very professional, but if you can trust that I will do everything I can to assist you and can guarantee that you'll be receiving very well developed software/applications!

  • Contact Me!
    • Discord: Reheight#0001
    • Email: Click Here!
    • You can also reply to this thread and I will try to contact you!
Terms of Service will be provided below in my Signature! Prices will vary depending on the complexity/simplicity and the duration it will require for the service!

Edit #1: I mentioned that my Discord Bot is Work In Progress, so I ask that you respect that and do not attempt to overload it or abuse it! It is only there to show my work!

Edit #2: You may contact me via Private Messaging on here, but it is a good chance that I may not get to you!
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