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help a server

  1. DisQuest

    DISNEY THEMED SERVER (Looking for Staff!)

    A BRAND NEW VIRTUAL DISNEY EXPERIENCE COMMING EARLY SPRING 2023 This project is going to attempt to create a Disney theme park experience that has not been done (successfully) before. What is going to be our twist? We want to create a recreation of the Disney Parks and incorporate fun...
  2. Andrew D

    Custom 100x100 Skyblock Spawn

    I am looking for a Skyblock spawn for my very new server, I need a small mob grinder for food, a few spots for NPC's (5?) And an enchant area, a spot for 5 crates, a parkour, a spot to display the top 3 players, a tutorial area (cobble gens and other helpful ways to start) I want a fantasy...
  3. D

    Practice server dev

    Hi, i am searching for someone that would help me setup GUIs, events and kits on my practice server. Plugin i use is strikepractice. I just need help to configure it because i am lost and support is slow right now on their discord i guess developer is busy. I will pay 15 - 30$ depends on how...
  4. ZoomGamer

    Bug help!

    I have problem with my skyblock server. When i upload my plugins and start the server everything is okay and when i restart the server my all plugins are stopping and not working when i try to start the server the plugins are directly corrupting them self. I can send logs and everything.. If...
  5. Adomen

    Help on my server (second owner)

    Hello i am adomen and i am a kid who is making a practice server! And i need you to assist me! You will be the second owner! Or you can be a partner or youtuber. Info about me I am a kid and i sound like that I am from czech republic but i can speak english (but i am not that good at it)...
  6. H

    Need staffs

    BOT WORLD is an Community focusses on learning about discord servers, bots through fun What We offers >Courses related to discord >Giveaways >Services >Staff recuritments for servers >Competitions >Support Servers >Workstation for bot developers [Looking for...
  7. U

    Looking for Server staff!

    Hello! My name is Ursu and i am from Romania. I have some servers but i dont have the staff to help me do it. If you know to script servers and to build please contact me on discord: Ursu#8870. This server Will have a lot of gamemodes, we will talk on discord. Discord: Ursu#8870
  8. P

    Builders :)

    Hello! I'm Jake and I recently made a new server, I am looking for Builders that can help me out, I won't be able to pay you yet but as the server starts to grow I will probably be able to! If you wanna help me, add me on Discord x0x0#6666! :D have a great day!
  9. Helo


  10. C


    Looking for people who know how to run a successful discord server for my brand new factions server. They should know how to bring people into the discord Help improve the discord with ideas, and keep the discord members happy. PS. Discord server is already made Discord: Bonitic#6607
  11. D

    Buy spawn points for kit pvp

    Looking for a plugin that will allow players to do /join bring up a GUI and then click what spawn point they wanna spawn at in the arena as long as they are able to purchase the spawn point. Purchase for spawn point should be purchasable one time and able to be used over and over. But instead...
  12. D

    Raiders Revenge PvP and Minigames Network Recruiting Builders

    Welcome To Raiders Revenge! Welcome to Raiders Revenge, Here are Raiders Revenge PvP and Minigames Network we are actively searching for builders that would like to have their builds featured in a MC Network. All builders start at the bottom and rank up by proving themselves. Our senior builders...
  13. Flyingwo

    Staff Needed on NebulaMC!

  14. K

    Plugin For My Server! (Need someone to create it)

    It would be a land claim plugin. I would love to have it protect people’s builds so you claim the chunk. And you can add people to that territory for access. It’s similar to a towny plugin. I would also love to be able to tax peoples land. The plugin would be called territories or something like...
  15. MCBest2018

    Server Staff, Looking to be a part of something..!

    MCBest, looking to be a part of something.... Hey there, all who is reading this! My name is “MCBest.” I have played Minecraft sense the launch, just like most of you. I have recently seen a very huge change in the Minecraft community and lots of people are coming back in. I am starting to have...
  16. Z

    Gambling plugin

    Hi! So i was wondering if anybody could programm a plugin which allows players to right click on a sign, then write in chat how much they want to bet. After they've written how much they want to bet it will be a 50,50% chance of them losing or winning. I think there should also be wool behind...
  17. Jafar

    Domain help

    Hello i need help with my domain How i can setup my domain for my minecraft server and website and buycraft? and if you know how to setup my domain i'll pay for it
  18. P

    Searching for a Builder for my server (for no money)

    Hello i have a small server (not online yet) And I tried to build a spawn for my server but nope it just looks like sh*t. So i was wondering if someone wants to build me a spawn (Japanase style with Dragons) Let me know what i can give your for it (except for money, because i don't have a paypal...
  19. Declutter

    Looking for people to be apart of my Minecraft Server project.

    I'm looking for active, experienced individuals who are interested in Minecraft and have experience in setting up servers (I'm probably going to need help with it) My friends who are currently "helping" me aren't taking the project seriously, they are IRL friends and their just really immature...
  20. Speedy

    InsanePvP | Server in the making! (Experienced)

    Hey! I'm the owner of InsanePVP Factions, we got a lot of uniue features and we think you should join today and see for yourself and enjoy a VERY friendly community! we have an avarage of 10-30 players Play.InsanePVP.Net (Not sure if this is the right forum to post...
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