management services

  1. Managing Up

    Managing Up | Staff Management, Server Planning, Project Management, and more

    Please view our website linked below for even more information on how Managing Up operates as well as to give you an opportunity to schedule a free call to discuss your business needs. - I'd like to give you my personal email in case you have any questions or...
  2. Jords

    Offering Management Services - wanting to scale my experience!

  3. Jords

    Offering Management Services - Wanting to scale my experience!

  4. SpecterPlayz

    Offering Management Services!

  5. SpecterPlayz

    (Closed) Offering Management Services!

  6. DerpyArcher

    Derpy's Management Services [AFFORDABLE + RELIABLE]

  7. Vasito

    Vasito Management Service's

    Vasito's Professional Management Manager | Staff, Community About Me Hey! My name is Vasito and I am a manager currently looking for work. I am 16 years old and am going into my 5th year of Highschool. I have been playing Minecraft for over 8 years and have been staffing for a majority of it...
  8. Magezky

    Financial Management and Business Administration

    About me Introduction Hi, I will try to keep this post short! My name is Isak and I am from Norway, though reside in Denmark. Furthermore, I have an interest in football, technology, and macroeconomics. I am currently offering management services, specializing in finance and economics. However...
  9. Jaimy33

    Jaimy's Management Services

    Hello MCMarket, As you may have seen by the title i'm offering Management Services. About me: My name is Jaimy, i'm 18 years old and besides working and going to school i'd like to help Minecraft Servers out with their Management. One of the reasons why i'm doing this is because in my eyes...
  10. Kjell

    ☆ Alsay ★ | Professional & High quality management | ღ 100% Client Satisfaction ღ |

  11. Rambler

    Ads Manager & Manager Services!

    Hey guys, I want to keep this short and sweet. I am currently looking for Manager and Ads Manager on servers. I know they are pretty much the same but it all depends on what server. Past Experiences/Projects; RetroMC - This server was a decent sized community with Skyblock, Factions, Survival...
  12. Jaxys

    Dark Heros Management Services **FREE**

  13. Zirak

    Looking for Minecraft & Discord Manager work.

    Hello. I am currently seeking a Minecraft server to manage. I am an experienced Manager with 3+ years of experience staffing in the field. I have a microphone and have decent grammar along with a good work ethic that makes me perfect for any task you have on hand. Previous/current positions...
  14. RIOT___

    Need a guy like me around?: Player management and server maintenance

    Hello there, my name is Riot, or Thomas, either works. I am 18 years of age and I have done a lot of building in my Minecraft experience, and a lot of management roles. I normally play the role of a Co-owner or a management position in new or developing servers. I've done a lot of file...
  15. Indeediouss

    Golden’s Management Services!

    Info: Hello there! I’m Eric, a highly experienced Manager in multiple areas. Below are my skills and Discord! If you would like to see my past work, please DM on Discord to see my CV/Resume. Skills: - Human Recources - Community Management - Media Management - Marketing Management About...
  16. S

    Online Show Manager

    Hey, you might've seen me around asking for graphic designers or taking orders for ads, in behalf of my company, AdDiction. We decided, to give customers a better platform to advertise their channels or services or servers, or WHATEVER you want to advertise, we would make a mini-TV channel...
  17. RonanAshMancer

    Server Manager / Developer / FREE

    Hello, My name is Joshua. However, I prefer people calling me Ronan, my ign is RonanAshMancer. So let me get into the chase. I am willing to use my time to help potential servers become more successful. I will be helping a single server or many depending on the work load, if someone arises...
  18. Dobro

    Discord specialist and S_S Managment service

    Hello MCM, I am looking for a job right now to make some money. I have skills whit managment and discord specialist. As I am going in managment school in around 5months I would like to get some knowledge about that. I have been manager for some small discord servers but I would like to get more...
  19. JustSSme

    JustSSme's Management Services (Free)

    Hey there! My name is Keane and my IGN is JustSSme. Let me give you a quick background about me. I am 14 years old from the United Kingdom, I've been playing Minecraft for about 2 years now. I have been a staff member on many servers but I have used my management and development skills on a few...
  20. MatthewAshcroft

    Ͷ Matthew's Management Service Ͷ

    Introduction: Hello, My name is Matthew Ashcroft, I have been playing Minecraft for 3 years now. With this 3 years, I have learnt various staff skills. And I’m looking for other places to share my skills at. What am I looking for? I am looking to be a Server Manager. The server must have...
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