1. 1tzEmerald 7

    (AVILABLE) ⚔️ Xiled Kingdom ⚔️ - Now Recruiting - Staff, Management, Designers & Events Staff

  2. KKaleb


  3. L

    I'm seeking a team of individuals who share a strong passion for our platform and its community. Our mission is to create a thriving and engaging community within this platform, offering players a unique and enjoyable experience. We are committed to teamwork, problem-solving, and providing...
  4. SamsungRemotePC

    Join CreativeCircle: A New Platform for Managers, Configurators and Developers.

    I'd like to introduce CreativeCircle, a new group that is dedicated to helping managers, configurators and developers like yourselves. We understand that your roles can be challenging and sometimes overwhelming, which is why we want to offer our support and resources to help you succeed. At...
  5. ImAxiid

    DropsManager | Manage your drops v1.0

    DROPS MANAGER SETTINGS • If "anti-drop" is set to true, players will not be able to leave items. • The string "custom-name" indicates the name that the object will take as soon as it is picked up by a player. • "pickup-delay" is calculated in ticks, and indicates the time the player will have...
  6. D0RMIN

    Minecraft Roleplay

    Hello there, I am working on a new city roleplay focused server, and am in need of a few more admins. I am looking for talented individuals who are motivated with working on minecraft servers, and can help bring new and unique ideas to the table. We currently have two admins, one developer...
  7. snazzeh

    ✷ ZenPrison | Requesting Staff | PAID POSITIONS ✷

    Hey everyone! I am the owner of Zen Prison, an OP Prison server that is currently in the works. We are in need of staff for all positions! What Are We Looking For? » Helpers: 0/3 » Moderators: 0/3 » Admins: 0/2 » $ Manager: 0/1 » $ Developers: 0/2 (Skript Developers Please :]) Why Should...
  8. Ahmeddinhos

    Looking for Partners/Co-Owner [ Factions Project ]

    Requirements for Co - Owner: → Past experience with owning and running servers → Knowledge of panels, file management, configuration → 18+ → Active (2hrs+ daily) → English → Put be willing to help fund the server. Currently the following is done: → All the buildings (Hub...
  9. Ivovuskans

    need builders who just want ocasional jobs

    Hello, i am making a builders group, for any type of builders. this group will just be a large collection of builders. it dosne matter if you just started building or have a 5 year experiance. if it becomes really good there will be managers who will be responisble for taking orders. it will be...
  10. Coldavenger

    Seeking voluntary Management and Staff Positions!

    Overview Hey all! I am currently looking for 2 managers for my new server Magma SMP. Before you continue reading this post let us explain who we are! We are an upcoming SMP server based on heavy plugin integration to prolong and keep gameplay interesting. The server is themed and based off...
  11. Brasachi

    Network looking for staff (all positions open)

    Hello, BendersRPG is a beautiful network that is currently in need of a marketing manager mainly and all other staff positions. I would like to have 1-4managers/developers in order to help reduce my work load. We currently have and Exclusive Skyblock and bending+rpg server we need builders in...
  12. Opto

    Looking for Management

    XenosBuilds is now looking for Management to run it's team we need people who can... *Be Active *Be professional *Can write Docs *Had experience with teams *Willing to be flexible * That has a portfolio *Find commissions (10-5% Commission Rates) $20-100+ DM the CEO: Optoculium#8380
  13. N

    Staff Needed!✨️Paying based on commissions✨️New and upcoming Minecraft company!

    Hello! I am Sam. I am the founder of a new and upcoming business called Galaxy Development. I am looking to start hiring people on to work by my side as we climb to the top! About A little about project Galaxy. We are working hard everyday to become the number one destination for Minecraft...
  14. _Durpy

    ☀ Aero Design Team

    My server Aero Survival has launched a new branch to our staff team called "Designers" We are looking for creative individuals to work along myself and the rest of the Design Team to produce updates faster. Payments are through PayPal only, and this is not negotiable. Requesting: ■ Graphic...
  15. Dabber221


    Thread Closed
  16. Goald

    Manager for growing Towny server

    Well first I'll introduce myself and the server to get you familiar, So I'm Goald. I've been running our towny server for the past three weeks. I've been working hard to improve it daily but I do need some help in specific areas. We have made a pretty decent profit for the amount of time it has...
  17. Scarlet_Heart28

    ✪FatalityPvP Staff Recruitment✪

    Join the discord and type -apply in the bot commands channel!
  18. 13mil

    13mil's Managment | Cheap | Reliable

    Introduction Hello! My name is Matt, but I go by the name ‘’13mil’’ online. I am a 16 year old high school student from Ontario, Canada. Outside of minecraft, I love to play sports and video games. I have been in the more professional side of minecraft for around 2 or 3 years. I’ve worked for...
  19. Swasomness

    Looking for Developers, Managers, Youtubers, Staff Members and Builders

    Looking for people who have experience in MC Networks. Looking for Staff Members, Developers, Managers, Youtubers, Builders.. For more information contact me by Discord: Santestein#5726
  20. CombatWombat010

    MythicalQuest -- Looking for Management, Staff & Builders

    MythicalQuest Minecraft Network My Name is CombatWombat010 and I am one of the heads of the MythicalQuest Network. Currently, we are launching Skyblock for Season Two, with other servers also in development. We are looking for members of the MC-Market Community who would be interested in...
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