1. Naruvus

    Modular Star Wars Imperial Base Kit v1.0

    Easy to use base kit, all the pieces snap on a 20×20 stud grid. The door system work via keycard and can be set up to have clearance levels 1-5, just add the keycard to starter pack and you’re set! Doesn’t include any furniture or props. File type: .rbxl
  2. Naruvus

    Modular Roman Fort v1.0

    Easy to set up roman style fort, includes: – 2 Gatehouse variations – Wall, wall with a staircase – Watchtower, corner watchtower File type: .rbxm
  3. Naruvus

    Modular SCP Map v1.0

    Includes multiple containment levels with SCP containment zones, offices, storage rooms and a nuke site. I’ve also included all the assets I’ve used in the building along with multiple door models for the different levels. The modular segments fit like building blocks and are easy to set up in...
  4. Omega Manufactory

    Advanced Over The Shoulder Gun System v1.0

    For more information, click here: Includes: Easy to add new guns, 3 step process you will not need to hire a programmer to help you with anything regarding the system. Modular Gun System You can...
  5. raiyan9

    LCZ Hallway Pack v1.0

    Why Choose LCZ Hallway Pack? Looking for a top-tier SCP hallway pack to integrate into your game? Look no further. LCZ Hallway Pack is your go-to resource for an authentic, high-quality SCP environment. - Unparalleled Quality: We pride ourselves on offering one of the highest quality SCP...
  6. VerseScripts

    Modular fivem-focused website v1.0

    Why do i need a website? Having a decent website for your server can greatly increase the number of players you attract. Credibility is increased by a visually appealing and user-friendly website that highlights the special features and gameplay of your server. It serves as a focal point for...
  7. kMagic

    kHelper | Must have it on your server v1.2.3

  8. Automating

    Zeltux Discord Bot - Discontinued v1.6.2

  9. Lakkie

    Modular Utility

    MODULAR UTILITY What is Modular Utility? It is an Essentials plugin, but the differences are that: - It is up to date. - You can disable/enable functions to your liking. Why Should I Get it? As people have newer, more custom servers, some commands in plugins can clash with other commands, with...
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