1. Aeros

    AerosPearls v1.9 FIX

  2. Mykyta

    Reliable, high-performance development services (including plugins)

    Hello, I'm Mykyta, an experienced software developer and system administrator with a strong background in Minecraft, Java, and backend development. For the past 5 years, I've been hands-on with Minecraft networks, ensuring smooth and refined daily operations. I have strong attention to detail...
  3. TheFlareStar

    PaimonSpigot | Extremely Fast Spigot v1.0.4

    PaimonSpigot PaimonSpigot is a high-performance fork of Spigot, boasting unparalleled speed and stability. It is based on Spigot rather than Paper but offers superior speed and resource utilization compared to Paper. It allows players to enjoy the plugins and gameplay of version 1.16.5 while...
  4. D

    DOptimizer v1.0.1

    The plugin allows you to deactivate AI for specific mobs, boosting server performance. This optimization reduces lag, improves responsiveness, and enhances overall gameplay experience for all players. Setting Up: Commands: Permissions:
  5. DekeractTheGreat

    Ultimate Bungeecord Plugin Server Setup v1.4

    This setup is a fully configured out of the box product. This server has essential plugins such as WorldEdit and Luckperms. It also has enhanced security features to ensure you remain in COMPLETE control of your server. Set up is as simple as following 3 lines in the manual included with your...
  6. Fusion Hosting

    🌟 Unwrap the Joy of Savings! 🎁 Exclusive Christmas Sale: 75% OFF Minecraft Server Hosting! 🎮🎄 🌟

    🌟 Unlock Unprecedented Performance at Unbeatable Prices! 🚀🎄 Christmas Sale Now On! 🌟 Greetings, Minecraft Enthusiasts! Gear up for the ultimate gaming experience as we present our exclusive CHRISTMAS SALE—a festive treat for both existing and new members! 🎮✨ Enjoy a staggering 75% OFF on the...
  7. Wafline

    🚀Introducing Wafline: Web Security and DDoS Protection Solution!🛡️

  8. TheEasyPeasy

    GuardSpigot SMP 1-17 | Buy via Crypto v0.1

    Discord: GuardSpigot website:
  9. I

    [LF HELP] 2 Topics: Performance optimize through .config files + permissions for 2 groups (LuckPerms)

    Hey guys, I'm setting up a small Minecraft server and need help with 2 specific Topics. They're in the Headline. :) If you can help add me on Discord: wow_classic_enjoyer In Real Life I am a Software Dev myself but more for web stuff. I know how to set up a public Server with the basic Plugins...
  10. R

    LagFixer - Ultimate Performance Solution v1.0.10

    LagFixer is the ultimate performance boosting Minecraft plugin designed to optimize your server and eliminate unnecessary lag. By fine-tuning various server aspects and streamlining redundant features, LagFixer ensures a smoother and more enjoyable gameplay experience for all players...
  11. LinsaFTW

    Offer: FlameCord - The ultimate antibot and performance BungeeCord fork

    Hello, I am offering a plugin called FlameCord, which is a fork of BungeeCord and Waterfall that protects your Minecraft or Spigot server from bot attacks and exploits with its advanced set of antibot filtering features. FlameCord also fixes bugs, improves performance and adds new...
  12. Tizo

    StackMob Config v1.1

    Introducing the ultimate StackMob configuration designed specifically for Survival, Skyblock, Factions, and more. Key Features: - Performance: With this configuration, you're guaranteed to notice an immediate performance boost. The configuration was designed with performance in mind to ensure a...
  13. LinsaFTW

    🔥🎉 Introducing Flamecord: The Hottest Way to Ignite Your Server! 🔥🎉

    Are you tired of bots and exploits ruining your Minecraft server? Do you want to improve your server’s performance and security without sacrificing features or compatibility? If you answered yes, then you need FlameCord! FlameCord is a fork of Waterfall, which is a fork of BungeeCord. It is a...
  14. Sentiinel

    🐟 Pufferfish Host [Starting at $2/GB] 🐙 Ryzen 9 5950x 🐚 CPU Bursting 🐠 Owned Hardware 🐡 Pufferfish+ Fork Included 🦈

  15. TheEasyPeasy

    GuardSpigot 1-16-5 | Buy via Crypto v0.19

    Discord: GuardSpigot website:
  16. LinsaFTW

    MobStacker - Optimize Server Performance v1.0.0

    MobStacker is a smart plugin that stacks mobs to improve your server performance when having many farms or spawners. You can set a threshold to prevent stacking mobs if there are only a few and a blacklist to protect important mobs like Villagers. Everything is configurable. ALL THE FEATURES...
  17. LinsaFTW

    RedstoneLimiter - Smart Redstone Limiter v0.0.6

    FIX REDSTONE LAG MACHINES RedstoneLimiter is the best plugin to fix redstone lag machines by limiting them. It offers a variety of limiters that apply to individual redstone blocks and chunks. Everything is configurable and works like a charm. RedstoneLimiter improves server performance and...
  18. CMarco

    System Info Hardware Monitor v1.8.10-SNAPSHOT

    SystemInfo The Master of Server Hardware This plugin implements a vast amount of hardware and performance commands to monitor your server more accurately. Optional Dependencies: [PacketEvents, PlacerholderAPI] You will be able to monitor your CPU, GPU, Network (Speedtest), World GB Map...
  19. TheEasyPeasy

    GuardSpigot 1-12-2 LITE | Buy via Crypto v0.2

    If someone is not convinced, please take a look at my other products and opinions, if you have questions, please contact me! Discord: GuardSpigot website: GuardSpigot stats: GuardSpigot 1.12.2 PREMIUM...
  20. oNetflix


    ⚡ HIGHLY OPTIMIZED 1.15.2/1.16.5 SETUP ⚡ INTRODUCTION This product provides you an high quality 1.15.2 & 1.16.5 Spigot Setup based on the very latest version of PaperSpigot. Boosted Spigot aims to eliminate every lag source of your Server! It is heavily optimized and works perfectly for Prisons...