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plugin request

  1. AtlasPlugins


    👋 Hey everyone! Are you looking for an experienced plugin developer, who can make your ideas get out of paper? We are your solution. Atlas Plugin's developer team is a 2 members developers that own the biggest Minecraft plugin's shop in Brazil and now we are coming to the international market...
  2. Rayman202

    The Bridge plugin

    Hi ! I'm looking for someone who can make me a the Bridge plugin like hypixel's (dances of victory, glyphs, custom heads and portals and all that has the hypixel of the Bridge) Thank you!
  3. Satix

    PvP Pets (Pets with abilities) Payment TBD

    Hello. I am making this thread for a PvP Pets plugin for 1.8-1.16. Our server jar is 1.8.8. It should be made very similar to Astero's Companions Plugin, which can be found here. His plugin is good, but there are many bugs and it is rarely updated. There is a free version which you can use to...
  4. Satix

    Need a shop plugin finished. Most of it is done. $5

    Hello! I am making this post because I need a Shop plugin finished. I will send the shop plugin jar on discord. Our developer is inactive and will not be able to finish it. Most of the plugin is done. Payment is $5. What we need: - A back button added to every page - Our currency is...
  5. F

    FastPlace Plugin (Request for someone to make)

    Hey, I need someone to make me a FastPlace Plugin like the ones you see on Skyblock / Factions servers. Horizontal and Vertical How to use the plugin /Fastplace (Basic command) alias, /fp Multiple tiers of fast place, tier 1, 2, and 3. Commands: /Fastplace (Shows the list of commands)...
  6. Omidius

    Cheap and Reliable!✅ | Custom Plugins⚡ | Fully Configurable!⚙️ | Friendly & Fast Service⭐

    Here's a link to my public plugins currently available, just as a small taste of what I'm capable of as a developer!
  7. RemedialRug8108

    Plugin Request

    I was wondering if someone could make a plugin for me. I found this plugin called Eternal Ores on spigot that makes it so when you mine an ore, it turns into bedrock for a little bit, then it turns right back into an ore or stone again. This allows for a cave that players cannot mine out of. I...
  8. Immersion Parks

    Autograph Book Plugin?

    Hiya, I have seen a lot of servers using an autograph plugin where staff members can signs player's autograph book with colours etc. I had found a plugin like this, however it is very outdated, and doesn't include all the features I have seen before. I would need this one to work with 1.14.4 at...
  9. S

    Void Coins Secondary Economy

    Hello! I am looking for someone who can make an economy plugin for me. This plugin would be for a server I own called Virtual Void ( Spigot 1.8.8 ) and the name of the currency would be VoidCoins. These coins would be acquired by killing mobs and breaking farming items (carrots, potatoes, sugar...
  10. A

    A custom lucky block plugin for a prison server

    hi, i'm searcing for a java developer, i'm requesting a custom luckyblock plugin for a prison server that i'm creating, i want the possibility to change the type of block, reward, reward percentage and type of reward through the config file, i also want the possibility to create different type...
  11. G

    Punishment GUI (cheap please?)

    Hi. I need a simple plugin that can do punishment and stuff. COMMANDS: /ban {username} - *Please look at the attached photos for reference* /mute {username} - *Please look at the attached photos for reference* /warn {username} - *Please look at the attached photos for reference* /warnings...
  12. T

    [REQUEST] Pets plugin

    I would like a plugin made for me that has pets like Pvpwars/ PvpingMC and are items in your inventory. *Like the above but without the Level system.* I would probably pay up to $10 for the plugin What i would like: Commands: /pet give {Player} {pet} Config setup i would like the config...
  13. CoolDCB

    Custom Particle Plugin

    Hi Guys, So I was looking for a plugin that every 5 minutes could have a 10 second burst of Flames coming out of dragons mouth in a certain area. This would also do damage to the players in the fire to make an interesting koth. If you think you can help either PM me on Discord: CoolDCB#1531 or...
  14. A

    Custom Death Message PLugin Request

    Hello! Basically what I need is simple. I want a plugin that will be able to customize/disable death messages. It would be nice to give the user full-text customization ability (Colors, Message Broadcasted), variables like Victim, Killer, Name of the item used and anything else you can think...
  15. Resoluciones

    Spiders Fix

    Plugin category: Mechanics Minecraft version: CraftBukkit version git-Spigot-9ba269b-c19c293 (MC: 1.11.2) (Implementing API version 1.11.2-R0.1-SNAPSHOT) Suggested name: SpidersFix What I want: I'd like that the plugin allow Spiders and Cave Spiders to attack players during day, without...
  16. Resoluciones

    Life Expectancy

    Plugin category: Mechanics Minecraft version: CraftBukkit version git-Spigot-9ba269b-c19c293 (MC: 1.11.2) (Implementing API version 1.11.2-R0.1-SNAPSHOT) Suggested name: LifeExpectancy What I want: I'd like that the plugin allow players to set Life Expectancy in minutes for each living entity...
  17. Zooply

    Requesting Plugin Creation: HologramChat

    Hey MCM, requesting the production of a plugin. Its called HologramChat. Yes I know what you're probably thinking, "there's already millions of those out there" or "nobodies gonna do it for free." Lol, I know there are multiple creations of this plugin but most of them are old and very outdated...
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