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  1. GetWreckedGaming


    Hello All! I have recently decided to pursue owning a minecraft server! Requirements I do have some basic needs to be met when purchasing this network. - Must be already...
  2. C

    CodeX Programming - [Professional, Affordable, Fast, Reliable]

  3. AdityaTD

    BungeeCord Setups - $1.00 ONLY!!

    Hello there, I know it's difficult for people who are new with BungeeCord to set it up but you don't have to search here and there or ask other people how to fix your problems, I'll set your bungeecord server for just $1.00 and will be helping out / making changes till next 1 week after initial...
  4. AshiroKun

    -=Sky Hub=- --> Cheap sale. Selling 10 copies

    Here comes a vastful and awesome map created by __razor_ and i. We are splitting the money so feel free to buy it. The price is really cheap. It costs only $5.00. Buying it will help us by motivating us to make more maps. We are capable builders that make spawns. We are only selling 10 copies...
  5. Elgen

    Looking for work | Setting up Plugins | Minecraft Servers | CHEAP

    Dear Owners!, __________________________________________________________ First of all English is not my language, i am from The Netherlands =). I am working on server plugins for like 2 years and want to try something new like to make it for someone else, it is the first time i am doing it and...
  6. ItsTheGuv

    Bungee Game Signs & Queue Signs

    1.7.10-1.9.2 SUPPORT UPDATE! THANKS FOR 64 PURCHASES! BUY THE PLUGIN HERE: SALE ONLY £2.85!! https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/bungee-game-signs-queue-signs.20448/ Bungee Game Signs Description: Own a mini-game network and need a game sign system for players to join games? Want a cheap...
  7. Contradicted


    Hey guys! Making this short and simple. I'm currently looking for a pre -made bungee cord hub setup for my server Thanks guys! Have a nice day
  8. AdityaTD

    SurfaceDevs - Cheap & Quality Server Setups, Web Development and more! | v2

    Can't view image? Click Here! BungeeCord Only To order just comment down below, contact via email, skype or PM! Thanks! :D
  9. MyNameIsJames

    XonNetwork - Fully setup server with 11 games (AUCTION ENDING TODAY!)

    Since I am getting out of Minecraft, I have decided to sell my network, XonNetwork. I have 4 domains already set up for it, fully paid until next year (xonnetwork.xyz, xonnetwork.pw, xonnetwork.top and xonnetwork.us.to) and a steady playerbase on some days. We have 11 servers, including...
  10. DavidFiellau

    [CHEAP] Beautiful 4 Poratal Hub/Lobby

    Hi there! Im selling this nice nature looking spawn! If you're interrested contact me: Skype: DavidAakerman Mail: [email protected] or just PM me on the forum! Now onto the case. BIN: 10$ Start offer: 5$ Min Bid Incretment: 1$ Portfolio: Of course pictures don't work.. Link to the album...
  11. Sipster

    Minecraft Development Services { Fast & Affordable }

  12. Totalrock123

    Bungee developer

    Hello, I am looking for an experienced bungeecord plugin developer, please contact me via Skype for more details. Skype : Totalrock123
  13. OrbCraft

    Selling The Orb-Craft Network- Factions-Creative-SG

    The Orb-Craft Network is for sale- Due to personal commitments we are selling The Orb-Craft Network The server runs off a Bungeecord setup comprising of 4 servers: 1gb 2x 1.5gb 2gb The server is currently hosted with Premium Host fragnet.net and has 24/7 support with MCMyAdmin backend...
  14. Miz


  15. A

    A Full Setup BungeeCord Network: Skywars, Factions, TNTrun, Hub. Plugins+maps

    Sellig A Full Setup BungeeCord Server: Skywars, Factions, TNTrun, Hub. Plugins are completly done. You just have to type your name at a few files. Maps are included! Ranks are included (also permissions) Plugins included! Servers: -Bungee -Hub -Skywars -TNTrun -Factions ALL SERVERS ARE 8GB OF...
  16. rwmillwall

    Bungee dedi node set-up

    Hello, I'm looking for someone to help set-up and help with set-up of a bungee network, We have the servers and worlds ready just our current dev's are hitting a brick wall that I would like some1 with knowledge to smash any way possible. I understand I am a new member (signed up to post this...
  17. X

    Development services.

    Hello! I'm currently offering per-plugin development services. I have been developing for 2 years with Java and the Spigot API. I know Spigot and the BungeeCord API very well. If you are looking for someone to help develop plugins for your server, you can contact me at... Skype: xXLightbulbXx...
  18. LiamTheDev

    Custom Plugins | Taking Requests

    Hi all, I'm an experienced plugin developer and I'm looking for some work to do for you guys, I've been coding plugins for over 3 years now and have experience in many areas. I can complete pretty much any plugin needed, sometimes with the use of free public API's. If a request is simple and...
  19. MCHeroesAndGenerals

    Minecraft Heroes and Generals | Large Modded Network (Minigames)

    Minecraft Heroes and Generals Modpack/Network/Minigames Community Fight with friends to become a hero of war. Make your way through the commanding ranks. Be a medic, engineer, sniper or even a heavy gunner! You can turn the tide of a persistent online war, fought by players across the world...
  20. HAlexTM

    MineLight search developersdevelopers

    Hi guys is HAlex here MineLight is a network based on Minigames 1.8 Only premiums that now is hiring dev. (Join now: play.minelight.ml) What do MineLight need? Unique system of in-game money (gems and coins) Light plugins for minigames that start immediately with 2 or plus players in the server...