1. T

    Survival Small Base v1.20+

    Survival small base with a village and a lot of details Versions: 1.20+ Interiors: Yes Castle Nether Portal Storage Enchantment table Stoves Farmers fields Swing And so much more..
  2. PrimeDev2024

    Crazy Enchantments Custom Setup v1.0

    Prime Development Crazy Enchantments Custom Setup Setup consists of the texture pack with custom menus for buying Custom books, 4 book categorys with 80+ enchants. With texture pack, you will find a fully done config of the plugin itself, also with custom message font. All enchants are...
  3. Barry

    Quality CrazyEnchantments Config v1.1

  4. GamerCoder

    PlasmaEnchants v1.1.1

    PlasmaEnchants Highly flexible, configurable, and quality custom enchantments plugin for SpigotMC 1.14 and above. Quality Adventures. PlasmaEnchants is a high-quality, lightweight, efficient, and highly configurable custom enchantments plugin for your SMPs, minigames, and more! BEFORE...
  5. Zaptify

    PvPingMC Enchants Configuration v1.0

    Need Help? Join My Discord! https://discord.gg/FyCeH6G3 An AdvancedEnchantments Configuration file for Skyblock, Factions, Prisons, Survival, and many types of servers! This config is super similar to servers like PvPingMC, MCGlobe, PvPWars, PvPEarth, PvPCharge, & more! This setup comes with...
  6. Z

    (CHEAP) Selling my non established server files (Towny, Earth, Unique Concept)

    After months of working on my minecraft server I have decided that I am too busy and can no longer maintain and continue the servers concept. I don't want the server files and concept to go to waste so am interested in selling the files to someone who has the motivation to open up the server and...
  7. Ahmeddinhos

    Factions Server | Custom Enchantments | Custom Plugins | 1.8

  8. ReflexShow

    FactionSetup | Envoys | Bounties | Ranks | Fishing Lake | Ores Cave | Lot More!

    Supported MC Versions: Allows all versions to join! [ViaVersion,Backwards,Rewind,OldCombatMechanics] Req. Server Software: Spigot, Bukkit, Paper CHECK THE IMAGES & GIFS DOWN BELOW! Spawn Envoys Fishing Lake Bounty Dealer Cave: This ores respawns ever 0.5 seconds, you can...
  9. Theo

    Toosie's Resources - Crazy Package v2.2

    [+] Support for the 1.15.X - 1.8.X versions has been dropped, new updates won't happen for those versions. [+] This package contains three unique configurations for the following plugins: Crazy Crates (1.8.X - 1.20.X) Crazy Auctions (1.8.X - 1.20.X) Crazy Enchantments (1.8.X - 1.20.X) [+]...
  10. Questinq

    ⭐️KingdomPvP Staff & Faction Recruitment ⭐️

    KingdomPvP is recruiting! KingdomPvP is an up and coming factions network that strives to provide a fair, fun, balanced experience to all! We are releasing the second map of our factions server very soon, and we are requesting a close-knit team to help us mandate the rules and maintain a...
  11. ZJump

    TeslaPrison Network - OPPrison and Factions with 30 dollar payout (skyblock minigame)

    Welcome to TeslaPrison, the best new server network with factions and opprison! Come and join using the ip provided below! We offer a premium server experience where players can take advantage of great plugins like crazy crates and bounties in order to enrich their server experience! With over...
  12. Splodgebox

    EliteEnchantments v2.3.2

    EliteEnchantments is a custom enchantment plugin, using this plugin you can create your own enchantments along with customising almost everything about the plugin from messages to items. No coding experience required You can now also create enchantments using the easy to use enchantment web...
  13. Splodgebox

    EliteEnchantments ➜ Create your own enchantments ⚜️ Titan Attributes ⚜️ Gkits ⚜️

    Use code splodgebox for 50% OFF EliteEnchantments is a custom enchantment plugin, using this plugin you can create your own enchantments along with customise almost everything about the plugin from messages to items. No coding experience required Along with being fully customisable the plugin...
  14. XxPermaxX

    seeking custom Themed enchantments config

    Looking for someone who can help me get some custom made enchantments books, config, gkits the entire plugin of crazy enchantments would need to go along with my themed map. Theme of the map is evil vs good. If you think you could do this pm me please! :D can offer some donation money, This is...
  15. MSWS

    FreakyEnchants - 40+ Custom Enchantments (GUI & NPC Support) [1.8 - 1.12.2] $5.00

    Purchase Here This plugin uses bStats to track anonymous data about servers using this plugin. Purchase Here
  16. RunAnts

    ⭕ AdvancedEnchantments Balanced Enchant Configs ⭕

    AdvancedEnchantments CosmivPvP And TreasureWars Balanced Enchant For Sale and making other enchants which is possible inside the plugin! ⭕ Hello, I'm Callum and I'm offering to Make Balanced Enchantments config's for people Currently I have balanced CosmicPvP and TreasureWars enchant config's...
  17. Zeddy

    AE Custom Enchants | 110 Enchants | v3.0

    [Configuration] Tired of doing all the work? Purchase this premade AdvancedEnchantments setup for a total of 110+ Enchantments, 13 GKits, and even more! This setup comes with a range of enchantments categorized into 5 total groups/tiers. Basic Enchants (Tier 1) Advanced Enchants (Tier 2)...
  18. Jinxed

    OH Nooo..! A CustomEnchantmet Plugin <I Need Your HELP>

    I've always manage to find my way with plugins, features, issues and so forth when it comest to servers and server builds. Still it seems that when it comes to that particular part of server feature as a custom enchantment plugin, i'm kinda lost, and i'm not even sure that there is one left...
  19. Jinxed

    ⎮Savage Panda⎮CrazyEnchantments ∾ 5 Tiers ∾ 27 Gkits ∾104 Enchantments ∾ 17 Custom ∾ 2 Themes

    Advanced and in-depth configuration for Crazy Enchantments plugin which includes the following, 5 Tier Enchantment Leveling - Simple, Unique, Elite, Ultimate, Legendary. 27 Pre-made Gkits - To reward your players or sell them in your donation Buycraft store. 17 Pre-made Custom Enchantments -...
  20. fazal

    Making Custom Enchant Plugin

    Hello There! Are you looking for a professional custom enchant plugin for you're factions server, I've got all your needs! Read further for more details! Vouch copies available: 1 Price: $20 (For the background code) + $1 per enchant Features: Black Scroll White Scroll Transmog Scroll Tinkerer...
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