1. Biffu

    Hire 1 designer!

    Hi! I'm a web team leader and we'll need a designer for our projects. The designer will make some web designs. If you're interested PM me or answer to this topic! PS: I'm french, sorry for my english
  2. MeowingBazingers

    Recruiting Builders >>> Uni Network

    | uni network | Uni Network is now hiring Builders! Join us @mc.uninetwork.co to check it out. Apply: www.uninetwork.co/apply Our official server release in on June 29th, 2016, but for it to be fully released we need a Builder's help! *This is an unpaid position.* ~ MeowingBazingers |...
  3. Fowben

    -=Atlas Build Team=- Hiring Builders|PAID POSITIONS!

    About Us Team Atlas is a team of highly skilled individuals who pride ourselves on delivering high quality builds within a reasonable deadline at an affordable cost. The team is currently rather small and needs more talented builders to be accepted and join our welcoming team. What's In It For...
  4. ZenAndreas

    CitadelsOnline Hiring Builders [ Long Term ]

    Website: www.citadelsonline.net Twitter: www.twitter.com/CitadelsOnline Facebook: www.facebook.com/citadelsonline About Us CitadelsOnline is an upcoming medieval oriented RPG Minecraft server. We are looking for talented builders to help us with our projects. Project Specifics Our project is...
  5. Incrility

    Looking for Professional Staff for my Hosting Company

    All of the following services which I ask for below are going to start out with no pay until we get more clients. If you have any hate comments or anything of that sort please keep them to yourself. If you would like to apply please leave a message on this thread or message me on Skype...
  6. F3RULLO14

    Hiring Par-time Mod Developers (Projects: Crafting Dead/Counter Craft)

    My name is Andrew and I currently own two large projects. I am here looking for par-time (maybe full-time) Java Developers that have experience working with the modding API Forge in Minecraft 1.6.4. Project Backgrounds Crafting Dead Counter Craft If you would like to apply for the job please...
  7. PlayZYT

    Unknown Recruiting Graphic Artists

    Good day MC-Market Community! We are a network who are currently in Development Beta. During this time we need some ideas! But for now, we are only hiring staff. In this thread though we are looking for some Graphic Designers for our Server Logo, Banner etc. We offer multiple servers that...
  8. F

    Experienced Builders | Medieval Theme

    Hello, I am currently looking for volunteer only Minecraft Server Builders. I am looking for people that may be good at factions styled spawns and pvp arenas. Please list your Skype below and I'll contact you as soon as possible! Thank you for your time and your help! :)
  9. Mattaz

    - Looking for staff members - [Football Craft]

    Hello, The server football-craft is looking for some staff members to help out the community. Requirements: Must be over 14 Must have a passion for football/soccer Must be able to come online at least 3 hours a day Must have experience with staff positions Must have a positive mindset to try...
  10. Suxeeded

    Hiring: Developers

    -) |Powered Network | (- Hello, lovely community. I'm starting up a network, and I need professional developers to code my very own mini game ideas. We will reward you with 10% of the donations after the month for 2 months. Developers will have to have at least 100+ rating, and we will be...
  11. J

    Requesting Professional Web developer For A Permanent and Paid Position On Curiosity

    Hey guys, Dave here, before Curiosity's grand opening we will need our website developed. We are looking for a skilled individual who is up to the task. After web development you do not end there, you will be managing the website, updating and monitoring everyone. Remember this is a paid...
  12. they


    I am starting a web-hosting and I have had little experience in this field but I know how to advertise and how to plan out a bushiness, so I am looking for someone to found this with me. Skype- morganbpage1 mainframe- morgan
  13. Dr_Swagg

    SwaggCraft MCPE SERVER

    Hey guys my name is Nick my IGN is Dr_Swagg i own a fairly big server called swaggcraft we are currently hiring and looking for players and builders we are looking to build a new spawn and could use some cool experienced builders to help out we are also hiring Server Administrators - Paying...
  14. infered5

    Better respawn plugin 1.8+ Spigot

    I need a plugin for my RPG server that allows players to respawn (hopefully after 5 seconds instead of instantly) at a command-defined point in a world instead of the global point. Multiverse support is required. Here's a rundown. In world1, you die. Instead of going to worldhub to respawn, the...
  15. J

    Cheap Builders for XenArc Longterm

    Hello guys, XenArc is looking for very cheap builders and people who will stay longterm. We are in need of builders to help create a wonderful server! If you are interested please pm me with the following application filled out Application Format Age Skype Timezone Years of experience...
  16. J

    Staff Positions On |SupremeMC|Professional Server|Soon to be Network|

    Hey guys, As Owner of Supreme Mc I am happy to tell you that we are once again recruiting staff member for our server. We hope to release on January 16th and we look forward for you to apply and join our server. If you do want to be a part of our community please fill out an application and pm...
  17. A

    Hiring efficient, fantastic developers

    Hello. I'm currently looking for developers who can respond fast (for communication-wise), work efficiently, and can get any job requests done. Some of my requests are rather HUGE. This involves payment. Please provide me your skype details so we can get started. Thanks.
  18. DarthArts

    Recruiting Staff for ArcticSkyblock

    Hey everyone! I am in the process of creating a new skyblock server called "ArcticSkyblock" and I need some staff for the release. If you are intrested use the format below and PM me your application. Best of luck! Staff Application Format: Minecraft IGN: Age: Skype: Time zone: Previous...
  19. Yannik Pipek

    CubCon hiring Developers

    Team and Server: I’m Yannik Pipek [19 Ger] and I’m currently building up a large Minecraft server network (with a fairly high budget). We’re currently looking for experienced developers to join the team. The server will stray away from just the usual minigames and introduce players to new...
  20. WorldScape2016


    WORLDSCAPE CURRENTLY NEEDS BUILDERS! Visit our website for more information and join our website! Also join our communities Skype Group! https://join.skype.com/BdpnZfMN3DCN Worldscape isn't up until Christmas, but you can join our website at http://worldscape.enjin.com and join our...