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  1. O

    Free MM | 33+ Rep | $1000+ Handled

    Free MM Services! Hello, My Name is Outportal And I'm here to offer you my middleman services! My Only discord for middlemanning is outportal#0001 852625067829493840 My fee is 3$ for each deal, i can middleman everything except paypal balance! EXAMPLE: If you'd like me to middleman an...
  2. FrameworkGFX

    Earn Up To 35% Comission | Sales Rep Recruitment

    I know, this title may seem very clickbait, but believe me, its far from that. I am looking to hire around 3 sales reps, your role will simply be to chase leads in the required fields (mainly graphic design, banner design, and web design) and bring me business. Why 35% I hear you ask? Well...
  3. Zrex - Design

    Offering Logo for exchange for Vouch/Rep

    Hey! Since it was a while ago, I was active on mc-market. I am now searching to do a Minecraft server logo for exchange for reputation and vouch. :) Contact me if u are interested. Zrex#4257. I may feel to use the logo on my portfolio. Here is a creation from my recently customer: Have a...
  4. Wezel

    [TRUSTED] ⚡ Wezel's MM Service ⚡ | Fast & Reputable Middleman [Online 24/7] [1000+ CUSTOMERS]]

    Avoid a scam, use middleman. With more than $200k handled, and 1000+ customers, you will have nothing but a fast and secure deal if you choose to use Wezel Middleman. What I middleman: -> Crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.) -> Discord servers -> Files (Plugins, builds, servers, mods etc.) ->...
  5. Voska_

    SALES REPS NEEDED! (Discord)

    Hi there! My name is Voska. I am the Owner and Founder of Spotify-Cord. We are a marketplace for Spotify Premium Account Upgrades. We are also a Community founded upon Music, we have plenty of channels for users to share their preferences and even a 24/7 Radio that plays at all times! What...
  6. PeetaTheGod

    ▂▃▅▇⭐Universal Market ⭐ ▇ ▅ ▃ ▂

    Hello! I am advertising a new upcoming discord server that features: Middlemen, Invite rewards, Shops, Buying and Selling, Rep Giving and etc! Everything is setup but we just need members! The invite is:
  7. birthdates

    VampMC - Community Manager

    Hello MC-Market, I am looking for a community manager for my server VampMC. We will be releasing later this month, putting a huge fund into our advertisement. Our servers are developed with pristine condition in mind. What we will be asking of you as a community manager is to organize community...
  8. P


    As you can tell, I have no reputation, so I've decided to make free exclusive skywars, bedwars, and skyblock maps to gain some reputation! Reply down below if you're interested!
  9. P

    Free Skywars Maps

    Hi, since I have no reputation I've decided to build free exclusive skywars maps. Positive reputation would be appreciated a lot from anyone who I build for! Interested? Reply down below | | v
  10. M

    Looking for an Experienced Dev with REP

    I need a developer who can can code permissions plugin/or use permissions api for a custom SPIGOT jar factions server (experienced dev). I need a dev who can also fix .jar files that say (Is it up to date?) error even though its the latest version and someone who can decompile and fix bugs with...
  11. Blitzkrieg

    Allow new users to “return rep” if repped by other user first

    I use MCM as a platform to advertise and operate some of my niche MC businesses (as most do here). Most of my customers come to me because they searched for tags or keywords in my post and it came up in google search. I know this because I always ask people who contact me off-site how they heard...
  12. M

    Remove the Reputation System Justis put it well here, I believe it was better before. ik yall gonna be upset but yall gotta make up your minds, its always either you want change and are fine with that change, or dont want change but are mad the way things are... edit#1) Thinking...
  13. JayMC


    Well guys... I never thought I would have to make a thread like this, but here we go. Fellow users of MC-Market, we are under attack. Everything we have built up over the years may soon be gone. Our reputation, our profiles, our dignity, all lost. Mick is proposing we "grey out" and have the...
  14. xRyanLand

    Discord Partner Manager - CHEAP - ACTIVE

    Offering to be Partner Manager in a Discord server - 10$ per 50 partners (money or Nitro) - No mainly focused NSFW servers - I want to receive my payment once I am at 30, unless good rep - I can do ping4ping if you want - Can take a few days to complete since 50 partners is a lot - I do mass...
  15. Cryolator

    Comment for comment on Steam

    Hey Guys, I've recently redesigned my steam profile but I have 0 comments. If anyone would like to do a comment for comment, just comment on my page with something funny, positive or emojis etc. and reply to this thread that u did it along with your steam username. Thx (...
  16. utaninja

    Reputation 101 | A general guide for beginners

    Let's break down the definition of reputation. - (Merriam-Webster, Reputation) Noun - rep·u·ta·tion | \ ˌre-pyə-ˈtā-shən \ 1. The overall quality or character as seen or judged by people in general 2. Recognition by other people of some characteristic or ability 3. A place in public esteem or...
  17. Rwon

    ◆ Rival designs ◆ Hiring Sales rep ◆ 10% per commission ◆

    Our discord:
  18. birthdates

    Vouch Plugins

    Hello! It's me, so for this entire week I will be doing free plugins for + rep. How do you contact me? Discord. If you need anything else PM me on here or discord @ birthdates#5410 thanks! When you join the discord please read #announcements!
  19. Newsletter


    NEWSLETTER'S MANAGEMENT SERVICE RESUME: DISCORD: @Newsletter#0001 (!) Please do not trash the thread! (!) Vouches are appreciated :)
  20. A_Shoxck

    [Rep] Free Server Logos to build my Portfolio. [Closed]

    Making free Server logos for reputation/portfolio. (No Fancy Thread Designs yet) About Me I am 16 years old and I have been drawing for a while now, I never drew anything related to Minecraft yet so I wanted to give it a try and build my portfolio up. I am dedicated and fast, I finish artworks...
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