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  1. H

    🔥✅ Looking for Management Position Minecraft Server✅🔥

    Hi, my name is Max and I'm looking for a new challenge on my Journey. I have supporting experience on 2 Big Minecraft servers and a lot of experience in Minecraft and Minecraft servers and how to Manage Staff, an Discord Server or Minecraft I am looking for a server that is well structured...
  2. Emiliee

    ★ Emiliee's Marketing & Staff Management Services! ★

    Hello! My name is Emilie and I am looking for new servers to offer my services for. I'll keep this short and sweet, you can view my portfolio and resume here: Overview of my experience: Staff Management: 3 years of experience. Mineplex, 2020-2023 ~1.5k concurrent...
  3. Jords

    Offering Management Services - Wanting to scale my experience!

  4. StressedManager

    ✨ Stressed’s Staff Management | 7 Years Experience | The #1 Staff Manager

    Hello and welcome to my thread, My name is Stressed. I'm 20 years old from the United Kingdom and my time-zone is BST. I have been assisting networks with managing their staff teams for around 6 years. I'm not going to waste my time trying to wow you with an amazing graphic, if you have heard...
  5. Anisim_

    Professional server and staff manager looking to be hired! [PAID SERVICES]

    Hello everyone! My name is anis and I’m a professional server manager and I am highly experienced with server and staff management, I have been staff throughout lots of servers of different varieties and can provide excellent assistance to your server! Here’s my resume: My resume! If you would...
  6. lofee

    Anyone need a manager?

    Hello BuildBybit! I am a professional minecraft and server discord staff manager/admin. I am extremely professional and well experienced with all types of servers including with spigot plugins, core protect, world edit and more! Thank you for reading this and i hope to be working with YOU soon!
  7. DerpyArcher

    Derpy's Management [Affordable] [Community, Staff, Discord]

  8. XDerpingxGruntX

    Azerith Networks | Seeking Managers!

    Good evening BBB! I am the General Manager of Azerith North America, an in-development project aimed at bringing a unique experience to SMP. We strive on creating a fun, innovative, community envorment and am seeking staff as we get ready to release soon. I currently am in need of Managers to...
  9. XDerpingxGruntX

    Azerith Netowork | Seeking NA based staff and managers!

    Hello everyone! Azerith Networks is currently in search of some new staff members. We are in the midst of building up our staff team, meaning that almost all positions are available! We are a network branching into the North American market currently offering Survival and Creative plots with...
  10. Skey

    VaylorMC - Requesting Staff Members

    Hey there, My name is Skey, I am currently seeking a mature Staff Team, Someone who has the knowledge and experience as a Staff Member and is willing to take the time and effort to help any and all issue's with the Network and or the Community here on VaylorMC. What I am looking for is either...
  11. Llamaaa

    OFFERING management!

    Hey! I am Bear. I have owned two networks, staffed very large networks, and have been on the management team on a few! I am looking to be hired as: Media Manager, Staff Manager, or Community Manager! If your interested and would like to see the rest of my resume please friend Bear.#1077 on...
  12. Stock1_

    Experienced Discord Staff/Events/Configurator/Server Manager.

    A highly experienced 16y/o Discord Server and Events Manager. Has volunteered for more than 15 servers over the past 3 years. Familiar with discord advanced systems i.e Webhooks, reaction roles, clean embed formats, etc. Expected Salary per month: 25$ [Service prices negotiable ] Skill set...
  13. Legin

    Offering Management Services

    Hey there! I will start off by telling a bit about myself, my name is Nigel, I'm 17 years old. I'm a Software Developer, although I only do configurations for Minecraft. I have been working on servers for a quite a while now, my portfolio will be listed down below. What I offer: Staff...
  14. ashe707

    Hiring staff management & moderators

    Hello! I am the owner of Elixirpvp. We are a skyblock, pvp and prison server. we are looking to hire 1 new staff manager and 2 new moderators (management role) You do not need prior experience. This will be a none payed role at the start if you are not experienced. We do ask that you meet...
  15. Ibrahim407


    Greetings! I am the Founder and one of the Investors of Night Narnia Network; I am looking for Good Staff who fits in our friendly yet serious work environment, candidate applying here should fall above the requirements mentioned below...
  16. D0RMIN

    Looking to help manage a server

    I'd want to introduce myself, I'm Dormin. I'd like to expand my server management experience, preferably with staff management. I have some management experience, although it has been roughly two years since I last attempted it. Because I'd like to build up a portfolio, I'm offering free server...
  17. MrGamingOG

    Looking to hire serious "Staff Managers" | Paid

    Title: Seeking to hire professional and highly active members who want to be "staff managers" to engage and recruit other staff members into our gaming network. Introduction: Survivors vs. Survivors is an online discord gaming community that hosts several video game dedicated servers, including...
  18. Shelock

    Shellock's Management Services

    Introduction Hey, My name's Shellock, am 16 years old I live in the UAE and my timezone is GST. I've been in the staffing field for around a year now, I've done management roles such as Staff Manager and have done a lot of administrative work and even managed and had owned a server around 3...
  19. Hijack675

    Seeking Staff Manager | (For A Factions Network)

    What I'm Looking For I'm looking for an experienced, active, and hardworking staff manager. The project I aim to create is large in scale and grand in complexity. The server is in the very beginning phases of development so, I'm creating a team to get the server created quickly and with...
  20. ZJ Developements

    ⚡ ZJ Management Services | Cheap & Professional | Marketer/Manager ⚡

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