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  1. 4quatic

    Star Wars Minecraft Server | Staff needed!

    Hello there! With an everlasting desire to combine Minecraft and Star Wars, I've arranged with a few friends and we want to build a Minecraft Star Wars server! We are looking for ambitious buddies who are enthusiastic about both Minecraft and StarWars or at least are familiar with plugins...
  2. Downs

    MineGrind - Gens (Staff & Closed Beta Testers)

    Minecraft’s Next Generation of Generator Servers Next generation? Gen servers are still pretty new? Well, we reworked the entire process and not basing our entire off some leaked skript setup. Instead, we transitioned our server into a Java setup. All of our plugins are made in-house by our...
  3. TD_Sam

    Dimension MC Is Looking For Staff!

    🔥 Dimension MC Is Looking For Staff! 🔥 Are you ready to embark on an epic journey with Minecraft Masters? We are currently seeking talented individuals to join our prestigious staff team! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 🟢 - Open 🟡 - Closing shortly 🔴 - Closed ⚡ Positions ⚡️ 🟢 ・🛡️ | Moderators - Enforce...
  4. ArcadeHub23

    🕹️ ArcadeHub Recruiting Staff!

    ArcadeHub Network Ip: Website: Discord: Info: ArcadeHub is a passion project initiated in 2020. Our goal is to grow a server network and provide our playerbase with a one-of-a-kind experience! We have had several successful...
  5. Stride

    🍊 MineFruit 🍊 Relevant 100+ Concurrent Player-base | Recruiting Skyblock Administrators & General Staff

    Hello all. I am currently recruiting all staff members but with an emphasis on Skyblock competent staff— especially Skyblock administrators! These are not paid positions. Perks of the job include being part of a long-time team that has brought MineFruit into the foreground of LifeSteal, SMP...
  6. chqsey

    Offering Management & Moderation skills

    Good evening! My name is Chase, and I am excited to share my expertise in offering comprehensive management and moderation skills. With extensive experience working on Discord and Minecraft servers, collaborating with influencers, developers, server owners, and communities, I have developed a...
  7. Niccckk

    TotallyCraft | A UNIQUE Earth SMP! | Looking for Staff Members!

    Hello there, BuiltByBit! TotallyCraft is a UNIQUE Earth SMP powered by a unique resource pack giving a unique atmosphere and functionalities to the entire server in TotallyTown! We are looking for a team of staff to join our Craftineer force here at TotallyCraft! Your job will to actively...
  8. Jzshed


    *Both the server, and the staff operations are still in development. We will keep you posted on updates and changes, however not all staff guidelines are complete.
  9. LowGunx

    LowGun's 100% Trusted Management

  10. F

    FabbySMP | Looking for staff members to help create the server! & a Co-Owner!

    Hey there! If you like SMP servers and want to join a group of dedicated people then join the discord to apply. Or, if you just like to play SMP servers then be sure to check ours out! Discord:
  11. Chriz745

    Colorful Prefix Pack - 1500 Prefixes v1.0.0

    Looking for prefixes more unique than just single color custom prefixes? Award your server members with multi color prefixes. With 1500 prefixes in 20 different color mixes, there are certainly some for your server! If you are looking for more, check our Ultimate Prefix Pack here...
  12. CraftOut

    NukaMc Is Looking For STAFF!

    Hello, I'm RedRaptor, the owner of NukaMc and today I'm creating this thread to get some staff! Invite link : RedRaptor#0001 Position description : There is not only the Moderator position because we have all this post available : -...
  13. Chriz745

    Gradient Prefix Pack - 1500 Prefixes v1.0.0

    Looking for prefixes more unique than just single color custom prefixes? Award your server members with custom color gradient prefixes. With 1500 prefixes in 20 different gradients, there are certainly some for your server! If you are looking for more, check our Ultimate Prefix Pack here...
  14. Chriz745

    Better Prefix Pack - 800 Prefixes v1.0.0

    Looking to spice up the prefixes on your server? The Better Prefixes Pack is the perfect way to display your server ranks in a unique and professional way. With 80 different prefixes in 12 colors, the pack includes all standard prefixes. If you are looking for more, check our Ultimate Prefix...
  15. Spyproof

    Looking for Staff for Important Roles on an upcoming network

    Hello, My name is Landon and I am the Leading Owner/Manager of an upcoming server network. The system for this network is currently being Developed and uses advanced Networking and Software to create and deploy servers on demand. The first game mode we plan to release on the network won’t be...
  16. Billionaire City

    Calling All [Builders] and [Staff Members]: Join the Thriving Economy of Billionaire City!

    🌍 Billionaire City 🏙️ Website: IP: Attention builders and talented individuals! Are you ready to embark on a journey in the thriving metropolis of Billionaire City? We are currently searching for dedicated builders and staff members to join our innovative...
  17. Kyus

    GridWars | Staff Needed

    Hello BBB, My name is Kyus and I am looking to recruit a dedicated staff team for our upcoming release. Right now we are a Survival Server but will be expanding into Skyblock in the near future. All positions are volunteer at this time. However, as the server is expanded there will be paid...
  18. J | Competitive LifeSteal Server | Paid role on release

    The first comp life steal server I have seen! Pay-out details will be released soon What can you expect? - Custom Live Events Server levels Teams Arenas KOTH Auctions Player Times Bosses Random Rewards Decent Vote Rewards Quests No P2W Creates Any much more! If you are interested post your...
  19. nozamng

    STILL OPEN (0/1) General Manager Needed (Paid Position)

    We’re looking for an individual with ample experience to become our general manager. Your objectives and accomplishments will be fundamental towards our servers stability and community. Being the general manager you’ll be working closely along with the staff team, and owner(s). Any management...
  20. kumadev

    KumaStaff | With Discord Webhooks v1.4-SNAPSHOT

    Placeholders %kumastaff_isInStaffmode% %kumastaff_isFrozen% %kumastaff_isVanished% %kumastaff_isInStaffChat%
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