1. Play Ethos

    [REQUESTING] Minecraft Builder - MMO

    Hi y'all We're requesting Minecraft builders for our MMO. We're going to be on Bedrock & Java, and we're partnered with Mineplex. The game is 100% custom, so naturally custom builds fits best with that. APPLY BELOW Build-Team: Conceptualize and contribute to the creation of maps in various...
  2. Darkins

    [REQUESTING] Support Staff and Managers for Minecraft Community and Server

    Howdy BBB Community, hope you're all incredibly brilliant! I am currently looking for active support staff and Managers for my Minecraft Server and Discord, NexusPVP . This project has incredible potential and although the positions are voluntary, it would look absolutely prestigious on your...
  3. Nyciio

    [OPEN] Looking for Server Staff for a New Minecraft Server

    MineCrave is Looking for Server Staff Hi! I am the General Manager @ MineCrave Network. We are a new Minecraft server which is due to release within the upcoming weeks. We are offering LifeSteal and Skyblock on release, with OP Prison coming a few months afterwards. During these weeks leading to...
  4. Nyciio

    [OPEN] Looking for a Media Manager for a New Server

    MineCrave is Looking for a New Media Manager I'm the General Manager at MineCrave Network. We are a new Minecraft server that is due to release within the next few weeks. We are releasing with two gamemodes i.e. Lifesteal and Skyblock. Currently we have a decent staff team including Two...
  5. KKalebx

    Seeking Professional Staff Members

    INTRODUCTION MineSanctuary Is a new upcoming network what we have been developing for the past couple of months. We offer Lifesteal, Skyblock, Survival, Factions & Prison on our network. We are seeking friendly & active staff members who are willing to join our community to help look after our...
  6. WhiteDev_

    wReports v1.0.2

    ⭐ wReports wReports is a reports plugin for Spigot Minecraft servers. It allows the Staff team to receive reports sent from all players in real-time. It also supports networks using MySQL/MariaDB or Redis for synchronization. Plugin permissions: ▪ - Use /report command. ▪...
  7. Auziloq

    Symbiplex Network - Looking for Staff

    Are you a dedicated Minecraft enthusiast eager to contribute to a thriving community? Symbiplex invites you to join our team of volunteers and help shape the future of our Minecraft network! We're seeking passionate individuals, aged 16 and above, who are willing to volunteer their time and...
  8. Rushboe

    Carbon template - Standalone website v1.0

    Carbon template - Standalone website Modern website based on the Nuxt framework. Easy and quick customization thanks to components. Can be hosted on static website hosting. Live demo Modern and responsive design Dark mode by default Customizable primary color Minecraft server status with copy...
  9. zjjeree

    Skylex Staff | Staff Utilities v1.0

    This plugin allows you to better moderate your users, it has many features to improve player management. FEATURES • Freeze: Freezing a player will make the chat unique to the frozen player and staff. • RandomTP: You can become invisible and only the staff will see you. • Vanish: You can...
  10. F

    [Looking for] Join Symbiplex - Voluntary Positions Available!

    Are you a dedicated Minecraft enthusiast eager to contribute to a thriving community? Symbiplex invites you to join our team of volunteers and help shape the future of our Minecraft network! We're seeking passionate individuals, aged 16 and above, who are willing to volunteer their time and...
  11. CodesterDubs

    Owners Assemble | Minecraft Server Owners Community

    Hello BuiltByBit, I have created a Community Discord Server for all kinds of people: Server Owners Server Developers Server Staff Server Hosting Owners Builders Artists Creators This is a place for everyone where you can network, make new friends, and participate in our weekly events! Invite...
  12. B


    I am looking to hire Moderators/Admins for my 1.20 Survival server. You must know how 1.20 server works and what features it needs. Since this is my first time making 1.20 server i am especially looking for people that can provide help with what should be added into the server!! If you think...
  13. duziy

    Looking for staff for a upincoming server

    Hello, my name is Duziy, and I am one of the main owners at Spotix. If you are currently looking for a server to staff at or want to gain more experience in the field of Minecraft server staffing, then look no further. The current gamemodes that we have planned are Survival/SMP and a custom...
  14. W

    Tropics Minecraft Server | Seeking Dedicated Co-owner/Admin/Staff!

    Hello Minecraft community, We are excited to introduce our server, Tropics. Nestled in a vibrant, lush environment, Tropics offers an immersive and unique Minecraft experience that you won't find anywhere else. As we continue to grow and improve, we are in need of dedicated individuals who are...
  15. kMagic

    kHelper - AI AutoModeration v1.2.4

  16. Rhusch

    [Requesting] Staff - MC

    Hello I'm Rhuscher, Short but sweet. I'm looking for Staff members for an upcoming project of mine which is a Factions server, I'm looking for Staff members on said server because right now it's just me and my community-mananger. I would like since it's a start-up server to find compotent...
  17. thirtysketch18

    Join the BlockParty Team!

    Are you passionate about Minecraft and looking for an exciting opportunity to be part of a dynamic and dedicated team? Join BlockParty, where we’re committed to creating an amazing gaming experience for our community. Why Join Us? 1. Be Part of Something Big: At BlockParty, we are dedicated...
  18. SilhouetteProject

    Mournweapon Animated Set v1.1

    This pack contains: Mournblade Model Mournbow Model Mournstaff Model ItemsAdder Setup Oraxen Setup
  19. Z

    Exciting Opportunity: Join GameNest's Management Team and Share in Our Success!

    Hello Everyone, I'm thrilled to announce that GameNest, an innovative game hosting company, is gearing up for an incredible launch, and we are looking for dynamic individuals to join our management team. We are offering key management positions, and this is your chance to be a part of something...