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  1. ArrowTan

    Looking for volunteers to play some mc games so I can record the gameplay | in exchange you get a license to the resources we did the gameplay on

    Hey all! I haven't really been able to get many sales from my resources so I've decided to record the gameplay and upload it on youtube as there might be chance of them checking out my servers! Sadly a few of my resources need more than 1 players to showcase so I'm currently looking for...
  2. shookenlive

    ✨🍲⛏️Recruiting New Additions to MineRIP Staff Team⛏️🍲✨

    🍲 About Us 🍲 MineRIP is a competitive PvP server featuring unique game-modes such as Rampage, Brawl, Fortresses, Warfare and some known game-modes such as SoupPvP, UHC, and Bunkers. We are currently preparing for a second comeback and hope to release the server to a large and loyal community...
  3. K

    Builder Position -- Now Open!

    Hey everyone! My friends and I will soon be hosting a Minecraft server and we need some builders. We are looking for long term builders. We do not have any artwork as of yet as most of our staff are working on the development aspects of the server. Our theme to our server is forest and...
  4. Drewman1k

    **Gamer Community Looking for Plugin Dev Staff**

    If you know how to develop plugins, configure plugins, or know coding in general. This is your chance to finally grow your skills and build your portfolio working with a non-toxic laid-back community of gamers and fellow Minecraft enthusiasts. NovaCityMC is a Java City role-play GTA themed...
  5. CrazyWraith

    Staff for Minecraft Twitch Event!

    FIGHT OR FLIGHT is now looking for volunteer staff members including map builders, moderators and more! Fight Or Flight is a version of Survival Games with teams of three, a coin system, proximity chat, a custom 1.17 map and a ~$125 prize pool for contestants! The event will be streamed live...
  6. Drewman1k

    Gamer Community Looking for Plugin Devs

    If you know how to develop plugins, configure plugins, or know coding in general. This is your chance to finally grow your skills and build your portfolio working with a non-toxic laid-back community of gamers and fellow Minecraft enthusiasts. NovaCityMC is a Java City role-play GTA themed...
  7. S

    Server developing

    Hey everyone! I have just started a brand new Minecraft server! “Bungee cord” with (Survival and Skyblock) The ip of it will soon be and I’m currently working on setting up the custom domain. It would be lovely to get volunteers to help me out with this project. (Developers...
  8. quittr

    [FOUND] Hiring Voluntary Developers to be a Part of Our Staffing Team

    Vescraft is a true Survival MMORPG Minecraft server that features custom-tailored dungeons to explore, an entirely custom storyline, unique gears you can level up, gain skills and abilities, exclusive content, and more. IP: Discord: Website...
  9. Wackeyy

    Build The World: Mass Hiring!

    Build The World The goal of Build The World is to recreate our beautiful world in Minecraft at a 1:1 scale. This means that one block in Minecraft roughly equates 1 meter in the real world. This would be the biggest challenge in Minecraft, known to man. In order to apply to be apart of our...
  10. niftyish

    Looking for some help with a new server [NiftyCraft]

    Hey! Just made a new server I've completed the basic setup: - bungeecord is setup with a lobby and skyblock server -MOTD -server icon -discord half setup - no plugins are installed anywhere yet. -i need to make the buycraft I'm currently looking for people to help me with the basic start and...
  11. S

    RPG/ Medieval | Fantasy

    Looking for some builders for a highly dedicated and reliable RPG server. Doing very large scale development, and need some assistance. Large variety of projects available, from terraforming to dungeons to buildings and towns Many building tools available, additional added upon request Fairly...
  12. BasV

    CreativeKing is looking for a new server manager

    Hello, Our server CreativeKing is currently in need of a new manager. Way back in 2012, we thought the community needed a new Minecraft server with a freebuild world and creative mode. That's why we started CreativeKing. CreativeKing isn't a massive server, but there are some very good...
  13. Mr.Redstony

    PunchX Staff Recruitment Act

    Summarary (before you will start reading this concurrent means the time as of creating the post) Hello fellow people of the internet my name is Bleach Senku Uzumaki you can just call me Senku. I am the owner of PunchX©. And i am concurrently looking for staff, i am looking for Volunteers ONLY...
  14. L

    Looking for Builders to contribute in a staff friendly enviorment!

    Hello! I'm currently working on a project with some of my friends; we are making a custom theme park within Minecraft, having some aspects relating to Disney, Universal, and pure custom elements. We are within the building stage as well with planning, and we would LOVE to welcome new volunteer...
  15. Mantas from MNTS

    Looking for support staff and people experienced in advertising

    Hi MC-Market! We're Cloudistical, a game+web hosting company that has only recently opened its doors to the world. Cloudistical was founded by ex-managers in the industry with a vision of beautifully simple and enviromentally responsible hosting, so we have a pretty good management team...
  16. Sako

    ❅ Developers For Hire! | Arctic Era Network ❅

    Developers For Hire! Looking for developers with decent to high experience in Java Development. If you don't have good Java skills we may also accept Discord Bot Developers. Developer Requirements: Display proper behavoir Have 70% or higher rep Have experience in Java Plugin...
  17. 10Moose10


    sdada done
  18. C

    Needing Dev/Config Specialist

    To speed up the process of re-configuring my server I need someone to aid me setting up certain plugins, This is NOT a paid position, however if you remain staff you will receive some of the server donations to compensate you for your time Requirements: Must have a mic...
  19. CWTcreeper

    Volunteer builders and Terraformers for new server!

    I am looking for builders that are willing to volunteer for my new server. I can't give any information on this forum as the server is featuring a completely new game mode. If you pm me on discord or on here I can give you some more info on what we are needing built on the server. My discord...
  20. KTHosting

    KadotaTech is Looking for Support Reps

    Greetings! We at KadotaTech Hosting are currently looking for anyone interested in applying to become a Staff Member of our company. Currently, we are accepting volunteers only. We currently have the following positions open: Customer Support Representative - Our Customer Support Reps are very...
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