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  1. A

    Selling XenForo License

    License details: Desired fee: 140$ Who is the first licensee: I am the first to purchase. Does the license have an invoice: Yes, it has an invoice. Is it transferable: Yes, it can be transferred Connected domain: Domain not added. Is ticket support active: Yes, there is ticket support. Latest...
  2. Swqpping

    Selling XenForo License

    Hello, i'm selling a XenForo 2 License, since I don't need it anymore. Purchased Date: Mar 15, 2022 Support and Updates until: Mar 15, 2023 I'm not sure how much these things go for, so just offer me something. I accept Crypto and Card (Stripe) My discord is Swqpping#2020
  3. B

    Selling Xenforo Lisence NEW LİSENCE

    I bought it last night, more than $160, no domain added, no version selection made price100$
  4. xAntho_ny

    xAntho_ny | Discord Setups | Forum Setups

  5. xAntho_ny

    Free Xenforo Setups

    I am giving free xenforo forums setup for the first 5 people who comment on this post. And the completion will be added to my portfolio.
  6. ZeroSeus

    Selling Xenforo License with Resource Manager - Support & Updates until Nov 10, 2022

    Hey! I do not need a forum anymore and I am looking to sell the License. It includes the Resource Manager and I do have some Themes + Plugins but I am not sure about the legal part in this direction. Looking to get 90€ for it but open for bargain. Since my Account here is new I will of course...
  7. A

    Xenforo License

    Hi All, I'm looking for a Xenforo License, if anyone has one to offer. Please let me know! Greetz, Alex
  8. MadeInEurope

    [VOUCHED] MadeInEurope's Forum Setups ✨ Cheap | Professional | Fast ✨ Make a difference from others!

    XENFORO FORUM SETUPS | MAKE A DIFFERENCE FROM OTHERS! Hello there, my name is Teodor and I'm a forums specialist. I will make an amazing looking forum based on your needs, timing and expectations. I will also provide you with full support and advice during the commission and as well teach you...
  9. Johnn

    Siro - XenForo 2 Theme [ SWITCH COLOR ] [ SALE ] 1.0

    ANNOUNCE! IF YOU WANT TO BUY THIS RESOURCE Contact us on Discord: Johnn#8299 or email us at [email protected] LIGHT MODE DARK MODE [/SPOILER] FEATURES Quick Customization ( 60+ options ) Custom Basket Custom Category & Products Custom Navbar / Sidebar & Header menu Custom...
  10. PongGone

    Looking For Experienced Xenforo/Tebex Website Designer

    Hello, I am looking for someone to change my current Minecraft Server website (Enjin Based) and make it look professional > Example: (Credit: DubDesigns) Looking for someone with skills around these platforms: Xenforo NamelessMC BuyCraft (tebex) Looking for serious...
  11. Larvvy


    Hey everyone! I'm looking for someone that can make a XenForo addon according to our needs, of course, I will pay. If you're interested message me on discord Larvvy#1873
  12. MrVibe

    Aether | Liber XenForo Style. [16581375+ Customizations.] 1.0

    Some facts before you download the theme. 1. RGB Color: (255,255,255) 2. 255x255x255 = 16581375 3. Thrashers go away from the comments. 4. MrVibe is cool asf. Looking for support/custom design? Join My Discord Server: Addon Support: EWR-XenPorta 2 The...
  13. Diced


    NEED A PLACE TO HOST YOUR NEW XENFORO THEME? CHECK OUT DICED HOSTING AND GET 50% OFF ANY HOSTING SERVICE BY USING CODE "50OFF"! Custom easy-install high-quality Xenforo theme Theme is compatible with the following addons: Staff Addon News Addon Theme: BLUE THEME: GREEN THEME: PURPLE...
  14. N

    Xenforo License

    I am looking for a second hand active Xenforo License. If you have one for sale please do PM me on the forums. - License must be transferable - License must be active and not expired
  15. Shaun

    [CoralDev] Forums vs. Ghost, what's better for your Minecraft Server?

    Hey y'all, is a Minecraft plugins development team. As part of the website we're running a blog where we'll post opinions, tutorials, and analysis on running a modern Minecraft server in 2021. We plan to be pretty active on this blog, publishing at least 5 posts a month. I...
  16. U

    Tebex / Xenforo user upgrade link

    Hi, I am looking for someone who can create a link between a Tebex(enterprise) shop and a Xenforo forum. More specific; I need that Tebex tells the Xenforo forum to update a user his user-groups. Paid project, amount will be discussed upon contact. Contact me on Discord: Steven#3173
  17. JayMC

    Xenforo license

    Hey! I’m looking to buy a xenforo license. Please DM me if you have one that you’re willing to sell. Thank you!
  18. Bronze

    Xenforo & Tebex Custom Theme

    We are looking for a nice and clean custom Xenforo & Tebex theme that will intergrate with each other. Please contact me via Discord @ Bronze#0001
  19. DaShirt

    TeamSpeak Verification with xenForo 1.5

    XenForo TeamSpeak Verification This small websites allows your registered xenForo users to get a group on your TeamSpeak-Server Installation Unzip the file and upload everything to your webspace Import the SQL-File to your Database Change the config file under inc/ Your xenForo...
  20. R


    Hello I am looking for someone to create me a website design/theme the successful candidate/team will have full knowledge and successful work beforehand. I do not have discord if people could send me a email with links/prices Email address: [email protected] Thanks
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