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  1. MrCypher33

    [ ꜱᴜʀᴠɪᴠᴀʟ ꜱᴇʀᴠᴇʀ ] Earning $1500+ A Month

    Due ot lack of time to be active and deal with this server, i decided to sell it. Fully Designed & Configured by me and Custom Buildings. This survival server can easily earn you over $1,500+ a month. If you are looking for a good investment, that's it. Playerbase is at 10-20+ // Discord Server...
  2. t1laur

    [SELLING] Survival Server (Custom ResourcePack) + domain, logos & discord server.

    TL;DR The players base it's mostly Romanian but most of them speak english anyways. The server has a bungee, lobby & survival server. It has been online since 2022. It had it's days where the player count was well over 80, now it's hovering around 10-20. We've put a lot of hours in the...
  3. Epic Studio

    [OFFERING] $ 24 | 🏝️EPIC SURVIVAL > Custom Texture , Dungeon, Windmill, Gestures, Quest, Dialogue, Models, Balloons, Cosmetics , NEW ERA OF SURVIVAL

  4. OriginBuilds

    Lobby - Imperial Kingdom - |520x520| 1.0

    Lobby - Imperial Kingdom - [520x520] Information : ➔ Size : 520x520 ➔ MC version : 1.8 - 1.19 ➔ Spawn Area ➔ 3x NPCs ➔ 1x Crate ➔ 4x Portals ➔ Vip Area ➔ Castle ➔ Dragon ➔ Staff Room/Pvp Arena ➔ Free place... ➔Download folder contain : Schematic: ㅤWorld:ㅤ ➔ 1.8+ ➔ 1.8+ ➔ 1.12+ ➔1.12+...
  5. OriginBuilds

    Lobby - Forest Haven - |450x450| 1.0

    Lobby - Forest Haven - [450x450] Information : ➔ Size : 450x450 ➔ MC version : 1.8 - 1.19 ➔ Spawn Area ➔ 5x NPCs ➔ 3x Crates ➔ 3x Portals ➔ Enchant ➔ Castle ➔ Free place... ➔Download folder contain : Schematic: ㅤWorld:ㅤ ➔ 1.8+ ➔ 1.8+ ➔ 1.12+ ➔ 1.12+ ➔ 1.16+ ➔ 1.16+ ➔ 1.18+ ➔...
  6. PrinceHatem

    [SELLING] New Established Minecraft Network (3 Gamemodes)

    Hi, Last year our team worked around the clock creating a Minecraft network that was tailored towards creativity and enjoyment. We brought in talented developers and infrastructure engineers to assist in the creation and setup of our network and sought out marketing counsel to aid in creating a...

    hdSurvival Setup | 130 Features - EN 1.1

  8. Chriz745

    NEW | Factories - Ultimate Plugin 1.0.0

    Factories is the most ambitious custom graphics GUI system ever made. So why would you miss out on this opportunity for your survival server? Factories is like a second video game that can be installed on your Minecraft server, plug and play, without needing any mods. Players can produce a...
  9. Foreda

    NEW - Bee Lobby/Spawn Skyblock,Survival 1.0

    INFORMATION You can use this map as a lobby, skyblock spawn or survival spawn if you want. There is 1 empty pit on the map, if you want to use it as a spawn, you can make an arena area under that pit. Crates NPC Portal 3x Crate 8x NPC 1x Portal FILES Schematic World 1.8+ 1.8+...
  10. Vitality Studio

    Custom Minecraft Development, Configuration, Setups.

  11. iDaveLu

    Survival Vanilla 1.0

    Survival vanilla with 1000 Quests and 18 Jobs included, only 8 plugins. [+] Essentials X [FREE] [+] Essentials Spawn [FREE] [+] Essentials Protect [FREE] [+] Quests [FREE] [+] Jobs [FREE] [+] cmilib [FREE] [+] Vault [FREE] [+] Command Panels [FREE]
  12. iDaveLu

    EN Quests Config 1.0

    22 CATEGORIES [+] Hunter Quests ▸ 308 Quests dedicated to hunting in which you have to kill certain entities. [+] Vip Quests ▸ 16 In this category you cand find the vip quests in which you have to do certain things. [+] Impossible Quests ▸ 45 In this category you can find the most impossible...
  13. Yuuki

    ⊰ [SOLD] HuabaCraft Network | $65,000+ Made | Confirmed Money Maker | Valuable Assets | $8,000/months ⊱

    "No more keepin' score now I just keep your warm, and my waves meet your shore. Ever and evermore." Thank you to the people who have supported HuabaCraft and supported me throughout the years. You guys are the true meaning of what "Huaba" is. Thank you. - Jasmine/Yuuki Here at HuabaCraft...
  14. Epic Studio

    Epic Survival Setup V1.2

    ACTUALLY THE RESSOURCE IS ON -20% for 10 first day ( 17/03/2023 - 27/03/2023 ) We are working on future addition such as new minerals, new dimension etc! We guarantee that you will be happy with your purchase:) ADDED ANIMATED NPC EXCLUSIVE NPC SHOP SHOP WITH DIALOQUE...
  15. Avatar-of-Evil

    Simple Classic Survival EN/ES 1.0 English

    💎 Welcome Explorer 💎 Here you have one of the best servers with the classic survival that you can find, the server has elite mobs, mobs with random levels, daily rewards, land protection minerals and much more... 💎 FEATURES 💎 ⚒ Compatibility 1.8 to 1.19.x | The server is compatible with clients...
  16. Shortaholic

    ❤️ BetterLifesteal Setup ❤️ - ⚔️ ONLY $39.99 ⚔️ Levels ⚔️ Profiles ⚔️ Teams ⚔️ Cosmetics ⚔️ Leaderboards ⚔️ Bounties ⚔️

    CLICK TO PURCHASE BETTER LIFESTEAL SETUP! ABOUT Brought to you by the setup configurator behind MineRival, I present BetterLifesteal. Providing a variety of unique and great features. This gamemode setup has everything you could ask for in a Lifesteal! The base server version is 1.19.3...
  17. Aconixy

    Premium Survival Setup 1.0

  18. I

    Looking for established MMO Server.

    Looking for an established MMO server have a 600$ budget. Reply blow.
  19. HyperDev

    HYPER SURVIVAL SETUP 💎 (Like modded minecraft without any mod!) New Blocks, Models, NPCs, Mobs, Items, Your logo on your server!

    HYPER SURVIVAL SETUP 💎 (Like modded minecraft without any mod!) New Blocks, Models, NPCs, Mobs, Items, Your logo on your server! This is a custom setup designed for survival servers (also adaptable for factions/skyblock/towny...). MY TEST SERVER: IP: Version: 1.19.2 WHY TO...
  20. ihben

    MAJEMC Needs Staff (1.8-1.19.3)

    MAJEMC SURVIVAL SERVER NEEDS STAFF On behalf of MajeMC I am here to give you a chance to be apart of our staff team, We are a growing Minecraft community with a fun and enjoyable, custom map, survival server. And with our server launch date approaching, we are in need to grow our staff team. If...
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